Nicholls, Georgia
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March 27, 2015

To Wal-Mart and whom it may concern,

On March 19, 2015 I filed a complaint online against the Wal-Mart store in Douglas, GA at 1450 Bowens Mill Rd. This was in regards to a bad experience / situation surrounding the purchase of a bathroom water faucet. The transaction involved the store manager Nicky King. A few days after submitting the complaint I received a call from Nicky Kings personal cell phone # (912) 384-7759 to be exact it was on March 25, 2015. Nicky said he was contacted from the corporate office in regards to my complaint. By Nicky’s demeanor he did not seem happy that I filed a complaint against him. Nicky did ask me to come back into the store and he said he would pay me $250 for my expenses and troubles surrounding the situation and that Wal-Mart was negligent in selling me the opened box faucet being that I specifically asked it to be checked before I purchased it by Nicky. I came to Wal-Mart and collected the money from Nicky in cash on March 25, 2015. The next day at approximately 5:00 P:M I came into the store to purchase some groceries and some miscellaneous household items. I was in a bit of a hurry and chose to use the self checkout lane since there was an available checkout with no line. I had a heaping cart of merchandise and immediately the on duty cashier assisted in getting me an additional cart to assist in my checkout process. I had a slightly overwhelming amount of merchandise and asked for the Wal-Mart associate for help with my transaction more than once. The Wal-Mart associate did help some throughout my transaction but was pulled away to help other customers having difficulties. My receipt transaction # is 5185 6382 7148 9880 7115 8 and items sold # is 85. During this transaction the associate came over and assisted with some food items that we’re not ringing up right and she scanned the same can through 12 times for one type and 12 for another using the same can. I used this same method with some of my items I believed to be the same. For instance four bath towels that I scanned one of the tags four times then bagged the four towels. I believed the towels to be the exact same, they were all brown and the same type and size. Once I believed the Wal-Mart associate and I had rung all the merchandise up, I told the Wal-Mart associate thank you for your help and I think we did that right with a smile, paid the machine and waited for the receipt. Once I had the receipt in hand I moved the two carts towards the exit to make room for the next customer and was reviewing the receipt to make sure everything was correct as I always do. With the receipt in my hand along with two carts I approached the first exit door on the market side which is about twenty feet from the register I had used. I first immediately realized I hadn’t scanned my coupons through and they we’re sitting on the side of the register and I was going to go back for them and have the Wal-Mart associate run those through for me and double check my purchase to make sure all was right. That very second a young man in street clothes standing at the first door got my attention and said he needed to talk to me for a minute and that he was an employee of Wal-Mart. The young man asked me to push my carts to the back of the store. I asked him why and he said there was police with him and I just needed to go with him to the back of the store. I followed his request and went to the back room being there was police there too I felt I better listen and see what this was all about. Once in the back room he started to go through my carts and pull the merchandise out and check it against the receipt. I told the man that If there had been some kind of mistake made that I was willing to correct it. I in no way intentionally made any mistakes. The only thing the man said to me is that I under rang some things and that was the same as shoplifting. At one point the man left the room that we were in and returned after several minutes with some cash he handed back to me. I asked him what the money back was for and again he would not respond nor did he give me any type of receipt to explain it. I looked to the officers for some type of explanation and they didn’t know what was going on either, one of the officer’s put the palms of his hands up, like I have no idea either. In the end there were some items that were under rang and some items that got missed during check out. Among these items was a box of saltine crackers, a bag of burritos, some water and I’m not exactly sure what else. There were a few other items. I was not given any exact information about how much the transaction was off or what exactly I had done wrong. I tried to talk with this security employee several times but he just kept ignoring me. I was courteous and polite throughout this horrific experience and the police can attest to that. I said many times that I had allot of merchandise and was being assisted by a Wal-Mart cashier to make sure it was rang right. I said again to the security man that I would correct any errors that had been made right here and now. The Wal-Mart security guy just maintained his silence. The police officers did not get involved or over look what was taking place, they just spoke amongst themselves and spoke with me off the wall chatter. I asked the security man if the store manager was working and he replied yes. I asked if I could speak to him and he said no. The local Douglas Police did not cite me for shoplifting but the officer said to the Wal-Mart security guy he would have to place me under citizen’s arrest if he wanted to pursue me for shoplifting. So the Wal-Mart guy said that he was placing me under citizen’s arrest for shoplifting and the officers then cuffed me and took me out of the store. I am a small business owner in this community with a good name and reputation. I was in my work attire with my business name, logo, phone number etc. on my clothes! I have been shopping at this Wal-Mart for years and many of the staff know me well. I used this Wal-Mart pharmacy for all my daughter Layla Wilson’s medical needs for the past couple years and have been a regular customer in this store, present usually two or more times per week. In fact many of the staff members from this Wal-Mart attended my daughter Layla’s funeral this last October. Layla died from all her chronic illnesses. I am a very active member of my church congregation and a known honest business man in this community. I would never jeopardize my good name in this community or any for that fact especially for a few dollars in merchandise from your store. I feel this is a form of retaliation by the store manager Nicky King for my complaint against him last week. Bottom line is I hadn’t even left the store yet, Your Wal-Mart cashier was assisting in my transaction this being as much her error’s as mine! In fact once I returned home my mother and law and I went through the merchandise purchased and compared it with the receipt, all while recording it on video. The specific items your Wal-Mart employee rang up was as off as anything I had done. I was charged for 12 cans of mini ravioli and 12 cans of spaghetti and meatballs but only received 8 cans of mini ravioli, 14 cans of spaghetti and meatballs and 2 random cans of lasagna. Her margin of error is no different than mine is. Coincidentally I get paid out $250 by the store manager Nicky on the 25th and on the 26th it seems I’m set up for a shoplifting citation that I’m not guilty of. I didn’t conceal anything nor had I even left the store! This is truly more now a defamation of character towards me, my business and good name in this community! I want this Wal-Mart citation dropped immediately and I will agree not to pursue a counter lawsuit against Wal-Mart for harassment, defamation of character and being falsely accused for a crime in which your clerks should be held responsible for along with your security department for accusing me of stealing before I was even out your doors. My time invested alone in all of these issues with this store and its management has caused me lost time and wages along with a $770 cash bond I had to post to assure I’ll be in court in July which holds that money up for months. I kindly ask for some correspondence by email within 48 hours please. My email address is Thank you.

Respectfully, Adam M. Wilson

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.


Monetary Loss: $9999.

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Same happened to me at anothwr WM .I pray for you, and that this self check out problems shoplifting get pardons and pcashiers get their jobs back.With all this is better to order online from Amazon, curbside pick-up or go to smaller local stores from the community.l eith cashiers.All these services provide life employee assistance.God Bless.


Redmond Oregon. Just happened to me today!

Ur story matches mine! My husband says Walmart has a quota for theft prevention, if they don't catch thieves they don't get money for upgrades...notice self check is spreading like wild fire?!

Taking folks jobs and scamming honest folks... Win win if ur greedy huh?!


Mr.Wilson, I have reason to believe the Douglas Walmart L.P. staff knowingly violates citizens rights regularly, is dishonest, unethical and is used, as you describe, as a retaliatory force for management.

Furthermore, the City of Douglas police seem to allow the Douglas store's LP staff to do whatever it pleases! Finally, I personally have witnessed a current loss prevention staff member attempt to buy, then successfully buy prescription medications. I cannot understand how this one business is, apparently, allowed to ramrod innocent citizens, threaten, defame and violate basic rights, all while City police go along with it.....EXCEPT THAT YOU'RE RIGHT! UNLESS WE, THE TAXPAYERS OF THIS COMMUNITY, STAND UP AND SAY, "SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE!

THIS ISN'T JUSTICE!" and DEMAND due process.

I don't defend shoplifters.

I condemn theft of any sort completely. However, in this particular store, the loss prevention staff have run amok.


Is there an update to this story? My son is having the same exact issue...


Im having this issue walmart told me today that they couldn't see anything there loss prevention officer did wrong but seen me cursing them out wth no audio and if i sue they dont care sent a house ninja to speak to us. Im done wth walmart


Yours is not the only story I have heard that Wally's screwed over. Any employee can accuse you of stealing and even if they cannot prove you took something, you can be ticketed. If you *** off one of the employees they can accuse you and Wally will back them up.


Your feedback is appreciated !!! The knowledge of this corporation that one can uncover in these areas would make consumers sick...Yet they'd be back to give them business the following day, lol...




I think this is a growing problem--people going through self check-out lines and thinking they can cheat the system. Why would you even go through the self checkout line with so many items?

You obviously have had other issues in the past with law suits/complaints--sounds to me like you are just trying to get yourself out of a situation caused by YOURSELF and now you are blaiming WalMart for it.

Nobody needs to know that your child passed away, was that for symopthy? Nobody needs to know that you had a previous incident and won $250 from Wal-Mart.


Thanks for the feedback. Everything in which I stated were all the mitigating circumstances surrounding this case.

The FACTS ! Which credibility comes to question when one stands accused of anything. So yes personal background and the persons standing in his or her community and the circumstances in their life are all relevant. It is interesting you find time to scout out a site in which you can not relate too.

You could only be the Wal-Mart man himself yet masked with your anonymous comments.

Who else would take the time to search the internet and seek flaw and doubt in statements as such stated ?!


Sounds kind of shady were " in a hurry" but yet you had enough time to get a whole cart full of stuff and went through the self check sorry, wigh the back story it sounds like you are a nit picky shopper. Why would you also post someones personal cell phone number??

I dont know, soundx like mistakes were made, but you are supposed to ring up each and every item across the scanner..just because you seen someone that works at the store do it, does not mean you can do things like that...they have numbers, and id's they scan and other thing they put in to identify items where some random person doesnt.

would be curious to see how this turns out in july etc...i mean the workers mightnot show up and the case dropped, or the judge could find you not guilty

goodluck with it


I was falsely accused you as well the charges were dropped and Walmart still says I have to pay the $250 fee which goes up and up and up even if I was charged with that by the police department. And the other person I was with didn't get the Walmart $250 letter on the idea they are discriminating against me and the profile of me

@Falsely accused and right viol

It's important to stick together because there is power in numbers ! I have read and seen all sorts of similar situations all over the USA regarding Wal-Marts.

The problem with the American people theses days is they don't unite like they once did years ago. Wal-Mart is a Monopoly and there money is in allot of powerful peoples pockets, but not impossible to beat when their in the wrong like this.

This I firmly believe. They could be looking at a serious class action law suit if they don't be more careful with this kiosk scenario.

Thank you for your feedback.

Respectfully, Adam Wilson


This isn't the WalMart web site. You are on a general complaint site.

The way you wrote your complaint it is so long that nobody is going to pay attention to it. There absolutely isn't any reason for you to have brought up the previous incident. Furthermore, if you were in a bit of a hurry like you say, you wouldn't have purchased 85 items. When people are in a hurry they get very few items.

Another thing, if a cashier had been helping you it would have showed up on their security cameras. It does sound fishy, but then on the other hand your story sounds suspicious too.


I appreciate your feedback. I was in a hurry, I live 15 miles from town so you try to get all you need while your at the store because returning if you forget something is a thirty mile mistake.

Thank you again for your honest feedback.

F.Y.I. - That is the short version by the way ;)

Respectfully, Adam Wilson


anyway you look at it Walmart SUCKS in so many ways.


:).......................................................Thanks for your feedback

Respectfully, Adam Wilson


I am glad it was long. I enjoy reading the longer stories rather then three sentences barely able to see what is going on.


Thank you for that :) I had a comment from someone who said my story was too long and nobody would read it. That person took the time though to stop and right me that feedback !

In order to get the whole story it took some words to make the picture clear. My review needed all the facts and mitigating circumstances surrounding the case in order to understand it.

I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Respectfully, Adam Wilson