Colorado Springs, Colorado
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One of your employees snuck into my recycling bag and put meat inside it. I have three kids who are well behaved who are 4 5 and 6 years old.

We are proud VEGANS and do not eat meat. The man arrested me and said he saw us steal meat, and my son lied and said that I told him to hide he meat i think because he was scared of the man. They even edited the tapes to make it look like my son put the meat in the shopping cart when it never happened. And I said I never asked my son to put the meat in the recycle shopping bag he did that on his own.

Now they arrested me for theft and they called the police who say that if I asked my children to steal than I can have them take away from me.

I did not know that my son put the meat in the bag, I never asked him to steal. He lied and they edited the tapes and now I am the one in trouble stealing meat which never happened since I am a vegan and a proud one.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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yea u


is this for real????? what a crock, your kid probably did steal it cuz they want MEAT...LOL


u is a 2 faced liar. if I say I didn't steal then I didn't. u bunch of nosy body dumb bells mind yo own bees wqax

#1132236 said they snuck it in, then that your son did, in fact, do it? I smell a liar.