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I was shopping and had my oil changed in my car,then purchased a set of sparkplug sockets and when after I paid for my items was detained by an employee until police arrived had me arrested for stealingwith the receipt still in my hand when a lady in front of me was walking to her car still in the service area to retreive mony to pay for her goods had her arrested and no one ever left the building with any thing I was forced to pay a 1000.00 bond and still face charges with no evidence HELP! My email is

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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i was accused of stealing from walmart 4 days ago. i went there with my friend to get some gear oil for his truck and to look around.

was only there for 20 mins. and on the way out i had to go to the bathroom so he went to get his truck. on my way out and my girl called me to get her some medicine i couldn't find what kind she wanted so she said she will get it. so i left i got out side my friend was straight out side the doors pulling up.

i got in. then i look up and here comes3 workers running out yelling hay don't go you guys stop right there they point at me and the girl says you there we want our merchendice back. i said what they said i stoled a hdmi cable that was 30$. i had over100 on me!she said she seen me with it walking around then they found it opened with nothing in it.

i told them that i would have no use for one of those but i guess she watched me do it. if that's the case y wouldn't she do something then?so i got out of the truck empty all my pockets said there you want me to take my pants off next I'll strip down right here i don't like being accused of something i didn't *** do this is *** i told my friend let's *** leave i didn't steal *** but he's a *** and wouldn't so i co opperated with them she was one of the biggest *** and liar to. so she pulled up the video she clamed she had of me doing it all it was is me walking down a isel she said i had that package in my hand she even zoomed in and there wasn't *** in my hand. when the cop came she showed him not even zoomed in and he was farther away then me and he said that he seen it.

i have 20/20. *** that cop. he ran my licence and gave me a court date9/26/2011. for finger printing and picture.

then another one on 10/5/11?

this happened around 8:45pm i told them i had work at 11:30pm and i couldn't be late r i would lose my job she said to bad you shoudn't have been stealing i said yeah to bad i didn't *** steal anything.her: yeah you did me: your not even worth talking to because you don't know what the *** your talking about. then i just kept quiet she gave me a paper saying rather I'm guilty r not i steal have to pay any where from 50-200 dollars that's pretty messed up for somthing i didnt even do ?


I don't shop at Walmart because they are taught that everyone is a shoplifter even if you don't do anything. Talked to employees and ex-employees the company teaches them to be suspicious of everyone.

Everyone is guilty and it doesn't matter if you are proven innocent they still consider you a thief. This is why you get horrible customer service there.


This sounds a little far fetched to me.


This sounds a little farfetched to me.


eat me nerd lingnut and to the law ,been to rockwall tx? didnt think so dumb ***


walmart in rockwall txi am waiting to see if i get nobilled and iam fighting this case for sure and sue the *** out ofthem :( :(


RE: The Law

Destroy the local PD. They are the ones that supposedly charged without evidence. If PD arrives and you have no evidence PD doesnt prosecute, DUH come on The Law


you would not have been stopped if they didnt think you did anything. after being stopped if you had proof of everything being paid for you would have been told sorry and let go.

plus police officers will not arrest someone without reviewing the evidence. YOU GOT CAUGHT !!!!


If you didn't shoplift, and had all the items on your receipt and nothing more, and they did not have security footage of any other evidence, then it is illegal to hold you without evidence on false accusations. You are in the US, so take up your rights and destroy that store. Yes I believe that you are entitled to sue, so find a lawyer (Thousands on television these days haha) and take a slice of the American Legal System.