Toronto, Ontario

Get those PJs off your shelves Walmart!

Shame on you! Are you promoting a TV show

that carries a WARNING to parents that the show is offensive and unsuitable to the viewing of children????????

These kids pjs have the characters and logo of the show all over the pjs. and are made to look "cool".

I was applalled to count the number of times there was swearing with words like ***, *** etc.

and references to adult scenarios talking about stag parties

with *** cheating on the wife , use of condoms

and all that was on one show!!!

The TV show is shown at an inappropriate time as it is 6 pm!

Come on Walmart! Aren't you supposed to be a family friendly store that would be interested in protecting small children from this kind of garbage?

Be more RESPONSIBLE !!!!

And just think " Just in time for Christmas" - it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside

doesn't it?

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You may have a problem with your children watching Family Guy, but don't dictate what other people buy their children. If other people want their children to watch Family Guy and allows them to watch the show and wants to buy PJ's for them than it is their choice. Don't take away other parent's rights just because you don't like something.


this post might be old but the original poster sounds more nuts than an episode of family guy. good parents won\'t buy clothes like that so don't worry about it. crazy ***


You know what? If they were the only pajamas in the world you'd probobly wear them right? DEAL WITH IT NOOB!


Parents put the responsibility on everyone but themselves to raise their children. If you feel that strongly about the values of Wal-Mart, simply do not shop there!

Wal-Mart also sells rated R movies and Family Guy DVD's, and much more, just like most other stores. It is up to you to teach your children right and wrong!!


Family guy is a great show you overprotective ***:(


Family guy makes fun of people like you. lol


Welcome to the real world, you overprotective *** =)