Atlanta, Georgia

My 2009 Camry 40k miles needed a battery. I purchased it at Walmart.

On the side in big letters it says 3 yr warranty. I had a job interview yesterday and I jumped in my car with a SIX month old battery from Walmart. Car was dead-borrowed a car got to interview in time. Today went to exchange battery and they said the top that holds water in is gone.

Well I didn't touch it I am clueless it even uses water.

I put 6k a yr on my car, last time hood was popped was for battery install. Why is Walmart always looking at its customers as we are trying to "pull one over?"I am so tired of Walmart!

Monetary Loss: $85.

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wow really? clueless the battery uses water? did your daddy put it in your car for you?


The reason they look at everyone as if they are trying to pull something over on them is because they deal with that type of customer daily.