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My name is John K. Rollins, Me.

Ce MbA , Pro.Eng. Me and I have to tell you many of your products are faulty to the extremme. I am 75 yrs old so have beem around a while. If you keep buying from suppliers, many from China, that provide cheap unuseable products your company will suffer at the till.

Your so called leather belts are not leather but paper. peavy Mart supplies real leather belts at the same cost. Your geans are lighter inweight tha n PeaVY mART JEANS. And and are sized smaller.

The food chopper I bought today is of so low a quality, I am ashamed o describe--and ir doesn't work. i am a mechanical engineer. I returned a battery which would not take A CHARGE. I QUIT BUYING BACKERY GOODS FROOM YOUR PEACE rIVER STORE BECAUSE IT IS NOT COM PETITIVE WITH eXTRA fOODS.

i WAS ONCE cEIF eNGINEER FOR mobil oil corp> eST cOAST DIVISION SO i NO ABOUT SALES AND QUALITITY PRODUCTSWalmart sels junk and this analysis is your death nell UNLESS you reanalise your procurement deptment wich buys cheapest with noquality.JOHN K ROLLINS, BSME , BSCE, MBA, P.ENG ,Washington State. Saturn 5 Engineer , Boeing Company.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Walmart is NOT Peavy Mart and if you like Peavy Mart so much shop there. Does your wife compare you to her old boyfriend?

Jesus. People *** about nothing.


I don't know that I believe much of your complaint. For one thing, the wording, some of the spelling, don't sound like you are educated enough to be any kind of engineer.

Another thing, if you don't like WalMart, don't shop there, it is easy enough a solution.


You dont have to shop there. Stop complaining and go elsewhere.

Stop being a tightwad and spend your money on quality elsewhere. You cant take it with you old man!!!!