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I purchased the last of the fried wings that they had ready at the local Walmart deli and when I got it home and gave it to my husband for dinner;as this is what he requested over Subway, he pulled out one of the wings and it had feathers still attached and they had even been breaded!

Where is the QC at this chicken processing plant?

Who is the supplier?

How can something like this be missed if there is QC going on in the plant?

This is not the first report that I have read online of feathers being left on the chickens at Walmart!!

What's up with this???

This is really gross and disturbing to me and makes me question the quality of the deli fried chicken and the cleanliness of the processing plant that is suppling Walmart!

Is this happening because Walmart is so cheap?

Just really makes me question the quality of some of the other products that they carry and sell.

I bet now he wishes he had of said "Yes" to the in store Subway because at least there would not have been any feathers on the meat!

I filed a complaint on the Walmart website and will see if I get a response of any kind from them.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Same issue three years later. I just got some and feather in not one but three peices from two different trays. Sick of Walmart now


Just picked up wings today that looked like they were still able to fly when I got them home. Couldn't figure out wether it was dinner or a new pet.




I would directly go to the store you bought it from so they can get their employees in line properly train them.

The store manager can give you a full refund and make sure that doesn't happen agian also show h8k the emails you sent walmart


Nice username I am a triplet. Anyways I just bumped up this review so that someone who had the same problem can see it as well. They too found chicken feathers on their wings.