Farmington, Michigan
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I got some feed from a Aniamal Feed company from Montana! It was the worst animal feed that I have ever had eaton!

You would think that importing food from MONTANA would provide a good assortment of food for my animals? But no they decide to give me mixed grass. GRASS. I didn't even know that they had alot of grass in Montana.

I don't understand. I guess my monkeys and gorillas don't get to eat until I import food from Africa, why does someone have to go out of the country to get good animal feed?

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Next time try the enema feed instead of the aniamal feed.


Please run with scissors. Play with fire.

A plastic bag IS a toy. Skip the seatbelt when you're driving drunk, the seatbelt is what makes you have to ***

What kind of aniamal feed do you prefer?


this guy sounds like he lives in some weird place or something. he eats animal feed with his monkeys and gorillas while they pick bugs off of him.


Importing from MT? No grass in MT?? Is this supposed to be a joke?