About an hour ago, I tripped over a big chunk of ice at Sparta, Wi Walmart. I fell, luckily didn't hit head or break anything that I know of but hard enough I did knock the wind out of myself.

I told two employees at front door what happened and that the ice chunk should be removed before someone else fell and really got hurt. They said to go inside and tell customer service. I went to customer service and they didn't seem real concerned about the ice, they did ask if I was okay, other than that it was kind of a blow off thing. I went into hair salon to get haircut, the three employees in there were more concerned and said to go back to customer service and ask for a manager and fill out a report just in case I ended up going to doctor because it was possible to happen that I had something wrong caused by the fall.

So I went back to customer service, they called a "manager" I am not sure the person who showed up was a manager, some guy was with her and they wanted to see the ice chunks. Someone had put two of them away from my car and by a parking post, basically they just said it must have fallen off someone's vehicle and asked if I was okay. I asked about filling out a report and she said they normally don't fill one out in this type of circumstance. So I left and came back home.

I am hoping everything is okay and that no one else trips over the chunks. One wrist is sore but pretty sure nothing is broken, hip is starting to get sore and knee so hoping it will disappear in the next couple of days. So I have no idea if I was to fill out an accident report or what. I do have witnesses that saw what happened when I tripped and fell.

The guy who cut my hair took pictures of my wrist where I fell. Other than the three in the hair salon the rest didn't really seem to carry about the possibility of someone else getting hurt or that I might be. ******** 1/29/2021 I received call from Claims department nothing is going to be done as Walmart claims they take care to make sure parking area is well maintained and safe. In other words they lied, other people have witnessed big chunks of ice on several occasions after I fell.

I still have torn muscle in right arm and having problems using it to get dressed.

One rib finally popped back in place a couple of days ago but still sore at night. In other words, BE VERY CAREFUL on bad weather days as Walmart takes no responsibility if you fall and break some bones or get hurt.

User's recommendation: Be Very Careful on bad weather days as Walmart claims no responsibility.

Location: Winona, Minnesota

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You know what I fell too at times. Here is what I do, I pick myself up and deal with it. I would hope no one saw me because I would be too embarrassed that other people think I am a klutz or worse drunk.


Sounds to me you shouldn't be out on your own. Here's free advice, watch where you're walking.


So because you were careless and not watching where you were walking you are holding them responsible. One person took pictures of your wrist, and they another person handled it.

How many people do you want to pay attention to you. You are not the center of the universe and they have other customers as well. Why do you want everyone to help you. The other two employees had to go back to customer service and deal with other customers who are just as important as you..

Next time watch where you are walking. I bet you were on your phone and did not notice the ice.


Quit whining. You live in a cold climate and ice is a fact of life.

Walmart didn't make the ice and put it in the parking lot. Open your eyes and pay attention to where you are walking. Ice chunks falling off the wheel wells of cars and trucks is common in the winter where you live. You can't expect business or the city to remove them the instant the fall.

Take some responsibility for yourself and be careful when walking in the winter.

Slippery areas are a winter hazard in Wisconsin. People who complain about slipping on ice in Wisconsin would be like a person in Florida complaining that they got a sunburn standing in Walmarts parking lot on a sunny 100 degree day for a couple of hours.


Knowing her she would probably expect Walmart to block out the sun. Either that or hand out free sun screen to everyone in the parking lot to use on the walk to the store.

She is too demanding. One person is enough to deal with.

It seems like she wants the whole store to know she fell. Most people would be embarrassed that they were careless.

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