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This isn't as much a Walmart complaint as it is about the other customers in the store. They just really tick me off and I need to vent.

First off, today, I was walking into my local neighborhood market store and this car just kept following me and acting like I was in his or her way. They sped up after I made it ahead of them towards the door nearly hitting me. Then the customers inside were mean and disrespectful. Some of the customers beeping around in those grocery wheelchair carts-whatever they are?(I thought those were meant only for old people)weren't even old, they were just major league fat and seemed too lazy to walk around the store pushing a cart.

They were running me down constantly or just purposely getting in my way to where it was hard for me to shop. Then(and this seems to happen everytime)when I was checking out this lady comes up behind the self checkout I was on and stood almost right on me like she was wanting me to hurry up. She kept watching me and giving me no privacy to slide my card and do my transaction. Nevermind that there was two other self checkouts that were open and empty.

She had to be in MINE.

I swear they do this *** just to try to get a rise out of you. Now I vented.

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People *** me off.


I can't help but agree with this person on some things. Unless they are like family or friends they are with the person in line behind someone at a checkout shouldn't be right up on top of them.

That is just rude and invading someone's personal space.

I imagine it was some woman in a hurry and she had only a few items, but if there were other self checkouts open like this person says then she has no right to be mad at the person in front.


It is all about you isn't it?


I am in my 30's and had to use those motorized, wheel-chair type carts when I was recovering from ankle surgery. I find it incredibly ignorant that someone would think they are for the elderly only.

I am more annoyed by groups of people stopping in the middle of aisles to conduct family reunions and little kids running amok.

Women with strollers are also a major danger. Overall, I find Walmart employees and customers alike to be major pains in the backside and I avoid this chain as much as possible.


But you can't deny that there are some seriously just lazy people who use those carts as well, which is taking from someone like you who may actually need them. I have also seen unsupervised children play on those carts and drive them all over the store. They need to like have the door greeters start reserving those or something for only those who need them.

First Born Triplet

"She kept watching me and giving me no privacy to slide my card and do my transaction. Nevermind that there was two other self checkouts that were open and empty."

And when she was doing this you didn't flip her the bird because?


You poor baby! Those electric carts in stores aren't just for the elderly.

They are also for people with physical disabilities. Not all people that use them are fat. I see plenty of skinny people using them too. I use them and my major complaint is the ambulatory people that block my path and the parents who let their really little kids run unattended all over the store.

There are all kinds of ambulatory people that think it is polite to stand in a group while visiting and blocking an aisle or just kind of sauntering down the middle of the aisle while yakking on their cell phones. You shouldn't almost get ran over by these carts because they can be heard a little ways away.

It is just as much your responsibility to watch out for your safety, as it is the responsibility of the other customers. Grow up!


Not to mention obesity is a disability. People aren't just fat because they're lazy. There could be medical reasons they are overweight and need a cart.


Have you seen ANY of the studies done on American obesity?

Most people in America are overweight because they choose to be, and most people who HAVE a disability are MORE overweight than they could be.