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More than a week ago I was in the Baytown, TX location shopping. I found the chicken cooler in the meat department to be extremely filthy.

The shelves were lined with rotting chicken that had apparently seeped from containers over a long period of time. I say over a long period because there was a very large amount of decaying meat covering the bottom of the shelves. I was assured it would be seen to immediately. However, today when I entered the store I found the conditions to (if you can believe it), have deteriorated.

The packages were now floating in extremely decayed flesh. The odor was so unbearable that a member of management (60 year old, white, female, very thin, w/short blond hair) was not able to stand next to it while hearing our complaint she said, “Can we please move away from this smell.” Upon informing us it wasn’t her area she went to find “the person in charge”.

We waited for 10 minutes without concerns being addressed by a senior member of management. Due to the fact our concerns were not addressed, and given that this poses an immediate threat to the health and well being of the public in general, we filed a complaint with the County Health Department.

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This is common I NEVER purchase meat at walmart. See Review #: 414797 Pissed Consumer has chosen it to be featured on their facebook page.