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My husband worked at your home office as a janitor. Today he went shopping.

Since he works for home office he thought that he should get things for free. Guess again. they insisted that he had to pay for the things that he put in his purse. Then they asked for his ID, found out he worked at Home Office and fired him.

What does it matter the items he stole ...... I mean borrowed were not even from them and still they fired him. The manager was rude in reporting him to the police and not letting us get things for free.

I was with him helping him steal ...... borrow the condoms.

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cant believe she gave you the name of her husband to harass her even more

righhhhht MrsLea. you still continue to think that everyone believes. oh well, you'll just never come to terms with your insanity :roll

You people are jerks too. MrLea is not my name too.

There is no Mr. Lea.

My first name is Lea. My husband's name is Bernie.


You do realize that no one believes you right Mrlea01.


?????????????????????????? this person is not me. If it doesn't say Springdale, AR for the location, it ain't me.


Hey it was not drugs we stole, it was condoms, because everyone where I live said don't reproduce and they set up a fund and made $100,000 and told me that it was mine if I did not reproduce.

Take your meds MrsLea01 !!!!!!! Your having another mood swing!!!!!!!

Call the loony wagon to take you home!!!!!!! Dont try to deny its you!

We all know better!!!!!!! :upset :upset :zzz :zzz :roll :roll :grin :grin :x :x

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