Round Lake, Illinois

At the Round Lake Beach Walmart, customers and staff tore into the shrink wrapped pallets more then 30 minutes early. It took us forever to get a place to park and all the Kids items were mostly gone within five minuets waste of a trip. They had staff to direct people to sales lines and staff to direct you to where sold out items had been but they made no effort to prevent people from opening things early then just sitting in the store till the event started (the items could not be rung up till the event officially started).

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's bad enough Walmart associates have to give up most of the entire week away from their families for Thanksgiving, but to ask them to put themselves directly in harms way is a bit over the top.

If you think and an associate should, or would, put themselves between 100 mobbing people looking to tear apart a stack of stuff and haul it off - you are nuts. Plain nuts.

Anyway, those people were in the store before you.

Fair and square. Maybe they could have made a line, and you'd have been at the far end and still not gotten the goods. Maybe they should have waited for you to arrive, then opened the store for you first?

Would that work for you? Thought it might.


Way to tell this person off, this person needs to learn the world does not revolve around her. Many people complaining to various companies act like they are six years old and them and their supporters get angry when you make the assumption that they are six years old. Some even spell and write as if they are six.