Saint Marys, Georgia

Store location: 6586 Ga Highway 40 E, Saint Marys, GA 31558

This store's dish department is pitiful. I found 2 dead betta fish rotting in yellow water and tons of left over food in the bottom of the other betta fish cups.

You had masses of dead fish in the corners of your tank, a dead floating goldfish, and a dead pleco in the bottom of your tank. There was also a bin filled almost to the top with dead fish that could easily be seen by anyone who passed the fish department.

This happened on August 12 2014 at 3:00 PM. I'm hoping someone's *** gets fired for this since I complained to the manager about this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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What a horrible dish department indeed.


Actually this person later admitted to putting the food in the tanks to kill the fish herself because the person in charge of the department reported her for stealing things from the store. They made an attempt to get the person fired as well because they were fired and it failed because of security camera footage.

They were forced to tell the truth. Wonder what happened to the update post.


That is horsecrap and you know it.


Actually it really happened this time, but then again you could be the OP making saying this.


I worked in the pet department of a Wal-Mart, and the fish are dying of ick before they are even sold to the customer. Buy one fish, and it will contaminate your other fish... I complained about it to management, and they let me go for it....


This is very true. I bought fish at Walmart before I even knew about ICK.

I bought 10 platy's and only two made it after that ordeal.

If you go look at the fish the ICK looks like white small dots which are cysts and some look like someone took a salt shaker to them. A-lot of them have fin rot too.

The fix is very cheap and they sell the medication but I am sure the managers throws a fit when they need to spend $3 to correct this problem with a bottle of Quick Cure.

I used to work for them and they refuse to let us use store items that were 80 cents to $3 worth of supplies to do our job.