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there was a laptop in your flier ,with 1 hour guarantee , but i was told by an employee they only had 12 ,and it was a fluke!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think you should have given a card . BUT , THEN ITS HARD TO GET TO THE SITE TO PLACE AN ORDER THAT YOU HAVE A CARD FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU PUT IT IN THE PAPER THEN AT LEAST DON'T SAY YOU ARE GIVING 1HOUR GUARANTEE,iF YOU AREN'T HONEST WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS THEY WILL SHOP ELSEWHERE, YOU CAN BET THIS WILL GO NOWHERE, BUT THATS HOW I FEEL ANYWAY.THERE WERE OTHERS THAT WAS JUST AS TICKED AS I WAS.

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Wah wah!!! I didn't get the item I wanted to on Black Friday!!!

Someone change my Huggies!!! :cry :cry :cry