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I can get much better prices at Aldi, Save-Alot and Publix here in Florida. They have raised their prices so high that I rarely if ever go to any Walmart.

The bogo's @ Publix beat them and Aldi beats them on all meat and dairy products. Save-Alot beats Walmart on snack foods cookies chips and vegetables and fruit prices. Their dairy products (cheeses butter eggs and milk) are dollars more than Aldi. Butter Walmart $ 3.00 a lb.

this week, Aldi $ 2.29 a lb. everyday. Cheese Walmart $ 3.49 to 2,99 a 8-oz pkge Aldi $2.19 to 1.98 for 8-oz pkge. Milk Walmart $ 4.19-gal.

Aldi $3.09-gal. Same on fruit Walmart $5.97 for 5-lbs. naval oranges, Aldi $1.97 for 4-lbs. naval oranges.

It just goes on and on. Their pricing and their price-catcher is complete joke.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Aldi is 90% store brand. Walmart, other than GV, is mostly name brands.

Name brands are simply more expensive, mostly due to national advertising costs. You may also have noticed this... since Walmart started using national TV vastly more than it ever had in the past, even the GV brands are now a something of a joke, savings wise, compared to other store brand pricing.

I simply don't believe Walmart can compete with the likes of Aldi in their present configuration. Running stores in the 100-200K sq ft size is much more expensive than Aldi's small formats.

People seem to have a really, really, hard time understanding this, but you don't just buy Peanut Butter, you pay for both the Peanut Butter and a piece of the entire venue along with it.

At Aldi, you get to choose from all of one package of perfectly good Peanut Butter.

At Walmart you get to choose between 20 perfectly good and differently coloured packages of Peanut Butter. You pay for privilege.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #912916

I used to work at Shartmart. we dropped meat on floor and put back out to sell

to dingdong Orange, California, United States #912921

Really, or are you just posting rumors because you were fired?


So don't go there


Maybe it depends on where you live. Where I live the WalMart prices are lower than the other grocery stores, even when the other stores run ads.

Also are you comparing the exact same brands? That would make a difference.

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