We have the freedom to choose for ourselves those medical procedures that will or will not benefit us, yet Walmart is acting like Communist China and demanding that all who enter their store submit to the medical procedures (masks, social distancing) that have proven to be more harmful that beneficial to the VAST majority of the population. I asked them to provide a mask free shopping hour(s) for those of us who refuse to give into this charade.

User's recommendation: go back to shopping local and small businesses! Walmart has refused to allow us our freedoms.

Preferred solution: mask free shopping- respect our rights! .

Walmart Pros: Convenient location.

Walmart Cons: Dont respect our freedoms or rights, Acting like communist china, Dont support american made.

Location: 407 E State Road 114, Levelland, TX 79336

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Just be grateful that they aren't making you wear those full frontal face shields. The people wearing them look like wackos.


I, too, have been discriminated against, in the Walmart in Evergreen Park, Illinois. First, there's scientific substantiation for wearing the masks, in fact, they cause more harm, as proven in the scientific literature, than any good.

And second, the state mandate is a recommendation,no a requirement, when social distancing cannot be observe, which walmart seems to regulate adequately. The argument for mask wearing is as ludicrous as vaccine recipients claiming they need protection from those who have not had them. It should be a CHOICE if the wearers feel they need them.

I cannot afford to restrict my oxygen intake at any time for anyone. This is NOT a greater good scenario.


The primary reason for wearing a mask is not to protect the wearer. The mask is to reduce spread of the virus by the wearer.

You might have the virus and not even know it.

It isn't that much to ask that everyone wear a mask to protect society as a whole. Stay home and stay away from others if you feel so strongly about wearing a mask.


No one is forcing you to wear a mask. You can go mask free, just not in stores that are trying to protect their customers and employees from the virus. I don't know where you are getting your information but the majority of the public would rather see a national mask policy.


(1)It seems you're under the FALSE impression that you would only be risking your own health by not wearing a mask. In FACT, it's to protect the public, AND THE EMPLOYEES from asymptomatic people spreading Covid-19 before they even realize they have it.

So, for argument's sake, say you had Covid-19 -but you don't know yet. If you go out shopping, with a mask on, a high percentage of the airborne particles you expel (via breathing and talking) are going to get trapped on the inside of your mask. As opposed to making it into the air around you; Where it most likely to infect others. (2) I'm elderly and have COPD.

A mask is uncomfortable, but it does not interfere with my oxygen machine at all. Everyone who's healthy enough to make it all the way to the store CAN wear a mask, they just don't want to.

(3)It's NOT hard to wear a mask! It IS hard to lose a loved one to a PREVENTABLE disease, where the family can't even be permitted access to the dying person while they suffer, and pass away.


Exactly. I pray that these selfish people catch it and suffer with it.

I dont want them to die, but if anyone else does die from it, hopefully it will only be those who are selfish. I live in fear that my father will get this virus.

He already struggles to breathe, he is one of the people who will die if he catches it. I do his shopping for him, so I CANNOT ALLOW anyone without a mask be in the same store as me.


Then complain to their Corporate Headquarters about this. Their contact information is found online.

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