Sandusky, Ohio
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Last week Walmart pissed me off so much!!!

I live in Sandusky, OH. I am not U.S. citizen. I went to Walmart store to buy beer. When I went to checkout I got informed IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO BUY ALCOHOL BECAUSE I AM NOT U.S. CITIZEN!!! I am over 21, I even had my passport with me to prove my age but it did not help at all because, as I was told, "this is Walmart's policy". I was like: WTF??? This is not my first year in the U.S. and I have always bought alcohol in Walmart in Sandusky without any problems!!! I think this shows discrimination towards foreigners. All passports are in English and it is really easy to see if the person who wants to buy alcohol is under or over 21. I went to Meijer a few minutes later and I had NO PROBLEMS with buying beer there!

My question is - WHY? Are they that ignorant you do not train their cashiers where to look in a passport to see a customer's age?

It does not matter if I am or not U.S. citizen - if I am here legally, I have the same rights as every American and they must respect this.

I will never ever go to Walmart again. Such a *** company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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