I have had this happen several times. I get through with my shopping and then I have to stand in line for longer than it took me to shop or at least 30 mins.

My ice cream melts and my nerves are shot and especially since I take my 2 mothers who are in their 80's with me. The last time it was this "get it here at the same price as other stores are giving you". It took forever. I personally think they need special lines for this type of transaction.

If it wasn't for the mothers I would not come back to your store even if I save money. Time and my nerves are just as important.

The person in front of us said he would never come back to Walmart again because of this. This was at the Goldenrod Super Wal-Mart in Orlando Florida.

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There is a special line for you...it's called the internet.. Maybe you should skip the ice cream?

to LouSkunt69 #822639

Two mothers? She was raised by lesibans, no wonder she is warped.

to Anonymous Montreal, Quebec, Canada #823788

now that's a picture I didn't need.They are in their 80's.


What!!!??? You mean that other people were shopping at the same time as you and had the gall to want to get checked out too!?

Maybe there should be a "special line" just for you and your 2 mothers so you will never have to wait.

Certainly other customers time and nerves aren't as important as yours! Selfish people!!!

Orlando, Florida, United States #821339

Funny thing, if you and the guy that was infront of you don't go back the lines will get shorter.


The world doesn't revolve around you and your TWO mothers. Price matching doesn't take that long, and I doubt if the person in front of you actually said they were never going to shop there again.

Maybe if you really want to save money you should do the price matching thing too.

Another way to save time is to go about 7-7:30 AM when the store isn't so busy. Grow up!

Tampa, Florida, United States #821160

Oh, dear god! You go to a store you might have to wait in line.

It happens. The people ahead of you got there first so either wait your turn or start paying someone to shop for you.

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