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Just want to say YOU WELCOME WALMART! I went to the walmart in Hayward, WI and did a little shopping and saw some things for sale for my daughter in the clothes section.

Also, had to get some groceries. When I got home I realized I had a bag missing. I called the store right away. I explained I only visit on the weekends so it would be the following weekend I would return for the bag.

I was told no problem spelled out my last name for the lady and said I will see you next week. I called back the next Friday and said I wasn't able to retrieve my bag and I had a friend stopping to pick it up for me. The customer service rep. said she sees no bag there for me.

I explained to her what happened the week before and I was told the bag would be there. In return I was told there is no bag. So my friend whom was with me when I bought the stuff said she would stop and check anyways. She gets there and was told that after 24 hrs.

things are put back on the rack. Are you kidding me? They never told me this. Then said they have no record of a forgotten bag and that it was my fault for forgetting the bag.

My friend said no, your cashier did not give us the bag. She wasn't getting anywhere so asked for the manager. Very very poor customer service to say the least. They did not care of helping out the customer at all.

Just said everything was back on the rack. Things that were PAID for. Put back on the rack to resell. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!

As my friend was leaving the store she saw our cashier and said she remembered us and said she did take the bag to costumer service. Yet there is nothing we can do because they put it all back on the rack. So you are welcome WALMART! I gave you 30 dollars to put in your pocket for very poor service that we received.

I have such a sour taste in my mouth that I can't even get myself to go back to another Walmart. I will take my shopping local as it should be anyways.

I hope this post makes other people not shop at a no customer appreciating service. Wow, the years I wasted at this store to get treated so badly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: They don't care about customers.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Deceptive business practices.

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The two idiots who posted on my letter need to shut up and mind their own business. You don't know how hard my life has been since this incident.

So shut up. You see I was angry about this that before school when I found out that my daughter did not finish all of her homework I kicked her in the stomach. Well that was last week, she had a weekend visit with her father who saw the bruise on her stomach. I had not meant to kick her that hard and he called the social services on me and now I am banned from seeing my daughter.

I did eventually return to the store and they told me that since I had the receipt that I could get the clothing back. I told them since the mistake was theirs that they should get the clothes and return them to me. They finally got someone to match the bar code and I waited five minutes and they did not return, so I left the store without the clothing. Does not matter anyway because my daughter no longer lives with me.

I called the store manager and they told me that the lady did return with the clothing for me but I was gone, and they paged me but I did not return to the costomer service desk. Well duh, I had already left the building. I will now be returning to the store and getting my money back for the clothing, what is the point of having clothes for my daughter if she lives with her loser deadbeat of a father. For those that are telling me that I should be watching for my own stuff, well my daughter was behaving like a wild animal that day and got me into an argument with a customer.

She was being impatient and I slapped her across the face hard. The busy body behind me told me that was unacceptable and we started arguing and I told her this was my child and to mind her own business. Not only that other people took her side. I was so angry that I just stormed out of the store not realizing that I forgot the bag until I got home.

None of this is my fault. it is mainly the cashier's fault for not calling me, and my daughter's fault for causing a scene.


You want people to mind their own business, how about not posting your idiotic *** on a public site that welcomes comments bonehead!

I'd suggest you seek therapy but I think your way beyond any possible treatment. Grow the *** up lady...


I could be wrong and I hope I am not, but I don't think that the OP posted that comment about beating her child up. If she did she needs help and does not deserve to have her child back.

However I do have to agree with one thing, the OP needs to grow up and not blame the cashier for leaving her bag behind. (or her daughter if she is for real). Yeah they have that mechanism that makes it hard to see the bag, but even if her child was behaving like a "wild animal" it only takes two or three seconds to turn the mechanism. But unfortunately there are parents like this for real and if this is real and I was one of the people who saw her treat her daughter like this I would not tell her to stop I would pin her down while one of the other witnesses called the police.

I don't normally attack women, and pinning her down and waiting for the police to arrive I would consider that more protecting her child than attacking a lady. I still think that this is all a post to get attention by a teenager, possibly a *** most likely male, but you can never tell.


When I discover I left a purchase I usually get myself back to where-ever I made the purchase as fast as I can! Not two, three days or a week later. Sorry for your loss though.


You are the one that forgot the bag. It is not the cashiers job to hand you all the bahs, it is yours.

If they kept everyone's bag that forgot one for a week or more, they would run out of room. Nobody's fault but your own.