Houston, Texas

To WALMART store # 01103 June 10th 2013

3450 FM1960 Rd W Houston TX 77068-0000 US

Subject: NOTICE to take back the tires and fully refund paid amount plus expenses plus pain and suffering. New FACTS subsequent to my May 22nd 2013 digitally certified letter, never answered and copied at the end of the present certified, related to your Service Order 485700 88598 Client Fabio Ciccarelli. 2009 Subaru Forester’s TIREs; Work 00487 on May 18 2013. Subsequent work # 30684 performed by Walmart Store #00850 in Albuquerque NM on 06.04.2013.

ATTn. Store Manager in address, Corporate Responsible Department, Business Bureau Houston TX.

On June 4th 2013, due to worsening of the already badly balanced tires I had to travel to your store cited within the subject above, where a better tires balancing was performed; please see details within the subject. I could see very clearly that at least 8 weights were taken out from each wheel. Clearly the personnel in Walmart store #01103 did load the wheels with a lot of useless weights.

In absence of a prompt answer of your my only choice is to file a lawsuit.

Regards, Fabio Ciccarelli tel 832 493 1071 e mail fabiotaos@hotmail.com

The text of my previous letter is hereby copied: QUOTE Should you deem it more effective please forward this letter to the Corporate office in charge with copy to me. Should your acknowledgement of receipt not arrive within the six days, this letter will be sent to the Corporate Office in charge. The FACTS: my visit to your store was as prescribed by your sale conditions. Before the balance & rotation work started I gently and separately addressed to: a) the paperwork handler (James); b) the Auto shop supervisor who had been involved with previous problem same car-same type tires; c) the operator who to his credit, had a good attitude.

I made present that I was going to travel for 2,000 miles therefore the properly balanced tires would have a great effect on the trip and be extremely important. On Sunday 19th noontime I left and as soon as I could drive at 75 m/h speed, I had to stop due to a strong noise and shacking vibrations and side-bouncing of items inside the car. It seemed to be caused by a tire coming off. Luckily it was not; just un-balanced wheel(s).

Thus I had to drive 900 miles at the speed of 60 m/h which was the only speed at which the noise-vibration-shakings were not so strong. Have you ever tried something like this on a 75 m/hr speed limit? All other traffic passing you constantly? Please look at your file regarding the previous full replacement of the four tires on same car that Walmart did at no charge a few months back: they were declared as being defective.

Now I am in Taos NM; my serious proposal to Walmart is the following: Walmart reimburses 80% of what I paid for these tires thus I can go and buy the tires that fit the Forester; the balance 20% you will reimburse at the time I will return the current tires.

It is not acceptable that something like this happens again; like the time that one tire was declared by your operator as being “not possible” to be balanced; then Gillman Nord Subaru did balance it perfectly.

Please do not offer me other alternative; last time I accepted the free replacement of all tires but I cannot go through ordeals like the last one that I described to you. Every statement of mine is backed up by paperwork and or witnesses including some from Walmart.

Thanks for your understanding and prompt reply.

Fabio Ciccarelli tel 832 493 1071 e mail fabiotaos@hotmail.com UNQUOTE

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Tire Rotation.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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