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i am a 67 year old handicaped male i went to the local walmart on 1/5/18 at 9:15 am to buy a rifle and ammo no one in any dept period. i went to the only cashier in the store .i stood in line to page someone she tells me nobody is here.

i ask why she informs me they are all on vacation and she informs me next week is my vacation i asked if they were going to close the store. she says oh no but i cant help you. so i walk out and go to a local 300sq ft gunshop ,and they had 3 employes 478.00 i walk out a satisfied customer ps.

in the words of don imus,you cant make this *** up. im also sure sam walton is spinning in his grave

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Walmart stores are designed to be mostly self service and I'd expect to see the areas that require service to disappear soon. It doesn't pay to have someone standing around a desk for the few sales they make. You did the right thing and purchased your guns and ammo at a gun shop.