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My husband and I went for an eye exam and glasses at Walmart in Safford, AZ. We have insurance. First thing they charge you to dilate your eyes, other place include it. When we went to pick our glasses they told us that insurance will pay up to $68 for our frames. Not a problem, I picked $68 frames my husband picked $48 frames. The only thing I asked for was transitions otherwise nothing other than basic glasses. My husband asked for bicarbonate and transitions, nothing else. Our bill was $500. When we went to pick up the glasses we took our insurance information in with us and questioned why the bill was so high. She did not know she had the manager call us back on Monday. The manager's answer was that they have everyday low prices and they don't have to use the insurance coverages stated with my insurance. even though they are a provider for my insurance and besides it is only the cost of the transitions difference from the last pair of glasses I bought there. I tried to explain that the last pair of glasses I bought there were the most expensive frames in the store.

From there I called my insurance company. They stated that frames, cover up to the $68 (we were fine there), lenses covered 100%. Being how I only got transitions on my glasses the only additional charge should have been $65 for my co-pay. My husband's glass would be $65 for the transitions and $40 for the poly lenses. Total bill should have been $170 for glasses and $50 for exams (because of paying for dilation) for a total of $220.

I went back to the store and got a store manager to go to the vision center with me. I was told that they explained everything to us that because they have everyday low prices insurance does not apply! NOT. So now I am a liar. In what universe would I take everyday low price of $500 over $220? I asked them to break down the receipt because it does not explain what I paid for it just says frames and the costs, lenses $110 times four and a few other things. I was told we asked for everything we got and tat is the way it is.

I came home and called the insurance again and now they had the claim for the glasses. turns out we paid for scratch coating we did not ask for. I got poly lenses that I did not ask for.

Now I can take them back to the store but I am at their mercy waiting for them to reverse the insurance claim. It took them 3 weeks to put in a claim to get their money how long do I figure it will take them to reverse the claim?

This is fraud plain and simple. Receipts that do not tell you what you are paying for. Things you did not ask for. And no one will be accountable.

I have called the corporate office. I was told someone would call me back in three day. Well guess what. No one has called. And this is my time. All of the time I put in on the phone with the insurance company, going back to Walmart. Being told I'm a liar on top of it. Three days waiting for a phone call that never came. These have been some very costly glasses. And I pay for insurance for this?

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $280.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Fraud.

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Oofda, Yep, you got taken. Best of luck.

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