Dallas, Texas
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I bought a samsung 55 inch tv for around 1k on the ad it showed to be a 240 hz led tv on walmart.com[newest thing] when the tv got to me 240 motion capture ;not the same thing

then the ad changed on the website showing that it was 120hz.I contacted walmart.com they told me I could send it back ,but when I asked about the 300 I spent on an extended warranty;no response,I received a email stating that they would respond within 3 to 5 days never happened. I got burned by a big company that doesnt care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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You are correct. WalMart could care less if a customer complains.

You won't shop there again, but everyone else will. They deal in volume, not good customer service. In your case, your first mistake was purchasing the extended warranty. They are never, I mean never a good idea on most things.

Your second mistake was buying a big ticket item like a telly online instead of going into a store where you can look at the telly first and verify everything. Or, better yet, go to WalMart and check the actual telly out and then buy it online at Amazon.com or another reputable site. Live and learn, as the saying goes.

But, now you know why savvy consumers never shop at WalMart. Period.