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I purchased a Philips MP3 player and product replacement plan from Walmart in October, 2009. The player went completely dead in November, 2010, after the manufacturer's warranty had expired, but while it was still covered by the product replacement plan.

I tried to submit a claim on Walmart's designated web site the first week of November, but the site produced an error message when I clicked on 'submit'. I contacted customer service who told me the submission worked and I would be mailed a return UPS label. I was told that three days after the UPS label was scanned I would receive a refund on my designated gift card.

After three weeks I had not received the mailing label, so I called customer service again. I was told they could not send my label to a PO Box. The web site did not indicate a problem with my address when I entered it and they never tried to contact me to alert me to this problem even though they had my mailing address and email address. At that time they emailed me a UPS label and I returned the unit.

Walmart received my unit on December 23rd. A week later I checked my gift card and found my refund had not been issued. So, I called customer service and they verified my unit had been delivered. They said there was a glitch with their system that prevented it from registering the delivery. I was told I would receive my refund after they manually entered receipt of the delivery, in one week.

It is now January 6, 2011. Their web-site still says I have no claim, but when I try to re-submit says I cannot submit a duplicate claim. I have not received my refund and it has been two months since I submitted my claim. According to their advertising, "The Product Replacement Plan protects you from the expense and inconvenience of unexpected repairs. Plus, your covered product is replaced in days, not weeks.".

I called customer service again and was told a supervisor could call me back in 3 - 5 days. I stated that was not acceptable and was transferred to a supervisor who told me there was another glitch in their system that prevented the refunds from showing up on some gift cards. With all their system glitches I'm amazed their telephones still work. The supervisor (Jodi), said I would be mailed a check in 7 - 10 business days. Perhaps, perhaps not. I asked to have my refund immediately applied to my gift card and was told that's not possible.

I am completely disgusted by this entire process. Anger. Hate. Venom. These words barely describe my feelings towards Walmart now. It does not seem possible that one request could be plagued by so many 'glitches'. I think it's quite obvious that Walmart has acted in bad faith. I have spent far more than $70 worth of my time trying to collect my refund. But, that's the point isn't it? Get tired and give up. Then, they won't have to pay the refund to which I'm entitled under the policy. Well, I won't give up. I will file suit if I have to.

Furthermore, I intend to boycott Walmart. I will not be spending any of my thousands of dollars per year in groceries at their new super-center opening in our town this spring. I will not be spending any of my thousands of dollars per year on necesseties at Walmart. I was about to purchase a 46" inch flatscreen television from Walmart. Not now. Not ever. Never. Way to go Walmart!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Location: Inglewood, California

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I ordered 4 tablets with keyboard which was great and the price was even better. One didn't work because the tablet cord didn't fit into the keyboard and one of the others when the cord was pulled out a bunch of wires came out too.

I tried 4 different times to print out the return fed ex label and was never able to do it. They emailed 4 different labels to print and I was not able to print any of them.

They now said they will mail me one, so we shall see.


I think it is very unfortunate that this happened to you. but liek the person calling themselves "quityourwhining" states, these plans are bought from another company just like any other replacement or insurance plan you get anywhere else.

I know from personal experience that the plans work, I bought 2 leap pads for my 2 younger kids...they both broke their leap pad tablets within 3 months of having them. young kids do not always take care of their things. I called the replacement plan number,,,backed by ASURION. not walmart...and they told me that as soon as I sent them the leap pad with the printable return label they were going to send me.

that they would issue me a refund for the purchase price of said leap pad. I was so impressed that I called them that morning, put the tablet in one of the postal boxes at the post office and taped the printed label..and by the time I was home, i already had an email for an e-card from Asurion. To add to it, my son has broken his leap pad 3 more times since then, and same scenario..the only thing I lose out on is the 5 dollars for the cost of the replacement plan. But I definitely make sure I the plan again when i go pick him up another leap pad with the ecard.

He loves that thing, but kids do drop stuff. I have saved tons of money because of these plans with walmart. but like i said, walmart sells them but they are asurion plans..so the company that does the claim is asurion.

not walmart. so if you had a bad experience with getting your item replaces with a replacement plan..its the insurance company's fault.


Well, then you would have been a special case. I bought my kids two leap pads a few months ago, and bought the coverage partly because of your posting.

Whether you're a company agent or not, this is NOT how Asurion is handling the average situation, because after trying to file a claim on one the leap pads tonight, I was told flat out 'go to the manufacturer'. This is exactly what I had NO interest in doing, and why I bought the warranty. Not only that, but when I continually requested documentation that indicates why I have to go to the manufacturer, the chat agent got impatient and decided to hang up on me!! RAGE.

Like the original poster, this more about principle than money. Be forewarned ANYONE that considers a third party insurance warranty; they are all FRAUDULENT.


their replacement plan is a joke.


They did it to me too. This time with a refurbished computer.

They first had me go to the store where I was told there would be no problem. Guess what there was a problem. I was put on the phone with walmart.com and left on hold for 40 minutes finally gave up and went home. I tried again to contact them for the next two days and finally got told that there was no record of my claim after I had been transferred to India back to the US and to several other places I have no idea where.

Finally I was told that I would get a refund mailed out as a check.

No check ever appeared. So I called back and was told that I had been disconnected and had not finished the process. Okay, so send it now. So I wait another 7 to 10 days and go online only to find out that my product care plan doesn't exist any more.

So now I have no computer, no money and definitely no customer care plan. So I email walmart corporate and I am now waiting another 3 to 5 days for a response.

So much for Walmart product care plan and Walmart in general. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen.

Product care plans are nothing but free money for the company with no recourse for anybody.

I have never seen a business treat people with so little regard. I guess they are big enough it doesn't matter to them who they ripoff.


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I loved the replacement plan. My daughter's tablet failed.

Called to file a claim, they emailed me a shipping label within minutes for UPS, and then all I had to do was drop it off at a UPS location. Less than 24 hrs after mailing I received an e-gift card to replace it.

Simple and easy. brilliant!


still waiting on my gift cards been 3 days since mailed and they said they git verification 2 days ago and still no gift card. Im mad the kids are mad, they just want a new tablet.


@quitwhining - If you have to read the mouse print to figure out how a plan works, who takes care of you when or the time frame for service, it is not worth the paper it is written on.

Also, you note that 9/10 are satisfied. Out of every 100 who purchase a plan, I'll bet 1 or 2/100 actually use it.


Walmart sells hundreds of thousands of these care plans every year, and less than 10% of customers who purchased a plan deemed them unsatisfactory. Walmart has no say in how these products get fixed or when.

The plans are issued by a whole other company. Basically when you buy one of these plans, you're just buying a product off walmart's shelf. If you're not satisfied with the plan, contact N.E.W not Walmart.

9 out of 10 customers recommend the plan. Obviously there are going to be some issues, just as with any other product.


The catch is when walmart charges you half of what the product was worth only to tell you that your product doesnt qualify for a replacememt. It only qualifies for reinbursment.


You buy a tablet worth 70 bucks

They charge you 30 for a cracked screen, drop, spill.

You tablet screen brakes and you expect it to be replaced or at least checked by a professional technician, instead they say sorry it doesnt qualify for replacement.

And there just like that you lost 30 bucks.

Who would pay 30 dollars (extended warranty price) Just to get back 70 (tablet price) 70-30=40 So basically you are paying 30 to get 40 back and they will replace the glass screen for 5 dollars and re-sell it for 70 again. Tell me this is not a rip-off


Do not believe their "Replace it fast in as little as 24 hrs". I followed all the directions for a 24 hr refund.

Which did not happen. I called customer service and I was told they do not even use the Rapid replacement plan hard cards anymore yet they are still available at the stores? I told them that was false advertising and the supervisor agreed with me.

They have told me it will be up to 72 hrs. So if you buy this warranty please do not think you will have your product replaced in 24 hrs because it will not happen.


The nonsense that is proliferated behind the scenes is extraordinary. The company that Walmart uses to answer the phones and process these is called N.E.W.

At Walmart, Anne Johnson is the Director of the Plans.

To all of the aggrieved - call Bentonville and contact her directly. Walmart corporate needs to hear each and every one of these complaints.

@Alan C Xap

whatishernumberIsurewillcallms.AnneJohnson :p


I bought a tablet with the protection plan. Had it fixed in Feb, took about 3 weeks, again in March it isn't working again.

They have had it for 12 days, and say they are still waiting for a part, the main board! They say they go through hundreds of them...so why can't I get one put in my tablet?? It's a different company doing repairs, so I have to talk to 2 places. Walmart warranty just says they can do nothing about the delay.

And say I have to have it repaired 4 times before they will refund me! Doesn't say that in the warranty!

They promise to keep me updated and never hear from them, I always have to call them to find out anything!! :upset


I absolutely LOVE..the replacement plan...My daughters tablet was malfunctioning...made a claim ( via customer service)...was shipped the label about 4 days later ...sent in the bogus equipment...received my E-Check in my email approximatly 2 days later


Purchased a replacement plan for my parents computer, and the power supply failed after only 19 months... tried to place the claim online, but was forced to call in to their customer service, who said they had to send someone to my parents house to verify that the power supply was dead.

Even after I already told them I took it in to a technician for review.

Then I learned that they contracted some tv repair shop to conduct this verification, not a computer repair shop! I feel cheated...I cannot even dispute this charge on my credit card anymore.


We just yesterday (Fri. the 13th) filed a claim online for our son's Leappad.

The speakers suddenly would crack/screech when played at a comfortable audible level. I immediately received the UPS label in my email, packaged it and dropped it in a UPS box. She told me the gift card would be activated in 1-2 days, after UPS scans the shipment. UPS has scanned the shipment as of last evening, so now waiting for the gift card to be activated.

Hopeful that Wal-Mart's Replacement Plan company is of high integrity during this process.

God Bless you all. =)


I purchased a $39 product replacement plan for my phone. I sent my damaged phone to UPS on June 14th.

I still have not recieved the refund on the gift card. Everytime I call they keep apologizing, but don't offer any solutions! I have been without a phone since I filed the claim on June 11th! I can not afford to purchase new phone without the card.

Which has completely screwed up my life because I do my school work and business on it.

I am reporting this to the BBB and State Division of Consumer Affairs. This has upset and disgusted me to no end.

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