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I purchased an MP3 player from Walmart with a product replacement plan in October 2009. The product failed after the manufacturer's warranty expired while it was covered by the replacement plan. I filed a claim on their web-site which blew up when I hit the submit button for the claim submission. I called customer service and they said my claim was submitted successfully even though the web site won't show it. That was two months ago. The web site still says I don't have an active claim, but when I try to re-submit it, the message says I can't submit a duplicate claim.

The customer service rep. said they would mail me a return label and I would get a refund applied to my gift card three days after UPS scanned my return shipment. After 3 weeks I had not received a mailing label. I called customer service and they said they could not send it to a PO Box. Their web site did not indicate any problem with my address when I entered a PO Box, which by the way, is my required mailing address since I live in a small town without street delivery. Also, they had my email address and mailing address and didn't try to contact me to let me know there was a problem. The customer service rep. then emailed me a UPS label and I shipped the MP3 player.

UPS shows it was delivered to Walmart on 12/23/2010. A week later I checked and my money had still not been refunded. So, I called customer service again. They checked the UPS tracking number and agreed the unit had been delivered, but said there was a glitch with their system that didn't register the delivery. I was told they would enter receipt of my package within a week at which time I would receive a refund.

It is now January 6, 2011. It has been two months since I started the claims process and I have not been issued a refund. The product replacement plan advertises that "The Product Replacement Plan protects you from the expenses and inconvenience of unexpected repairs. Plus, your covered product is replaced in days, not weeks".

I called customer service tonight and was told a supervisor could call me back in 3 - 5 business days. I stated that was not acceptable and was transferred to a supervisor who told me there was another glitch in their system and some cards weren't being credited properly. With the number of glitches in their systems it is amazing they can still answer the telephone. She said they would issue me a check in 7 - 10 business days. Perhaps I'll receive a check, perhaps not. I insisted that she credit my gift card immediately, but was told she could not do that.

I am completely disgusted by this entire process. Anger, hate, venom. These words hint at how I feel about Walmart now. It does not seem possible that there could be so many glitches in their system. The only logical conclusion is that they are acting in bad faith in an attempt to deny me my entitled refund. The MP3 player was worth $70. I have spent far more than $70 worth of my time trying to get a refund. But, that's the point, isn't it? Get tired and give up. Then, they won't have to pay. However, I won't give up. I will get my refund even if it means filing suit.

Furthermore, I hereby boycott Walmart. I will never again spend a cent at Walmart. This means that when their new super-center opens in our town this spring they will not receive any of the thousands of dollars per year I spend on groceries. They also will no longer receive the thousands of dollars per year I currently spend on necessities. Finally, I was about to buy a 46" flat screen television from Walmart. Not now. Not ever. Never. Go Walmart!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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I just wanted to say that I had a good experience with them. The Nikon camera I bought at Walmart broke two days before the plan expired.

They issued me a full refund. I deleted the email with the refund though and lost the paperwork...

When I called they had all the information there and issued me a replacement. I'm sorry you didn't have the good experience I had.


These cases need to go to Walmart corporate offices, VP of Stores. Enough of them will give corporate pause as to what they are actually doing to their customers.

Retail would be a far better shopping experience without the existence of extended plans.


I bought a NEXT bike for $88.00 and a $5.00 replacement plan july 2010. The bike worked great the first month then the pedals kept cracking in half and I had to buy new ones.

A few months after that the gears stopped working. I called about the replacement plan, Walmart said your still under the manufactures warranty, you have to call them. Dynacraft sent me new gears. One year after I purchased the bike I assumed Walmart's replacement plan would be in effect.

I called and AJ said, sorry but your replacment plan has expired......I said how, when I was told this plan doesn't come in effect till after the manufactures warranty expires! He said, we have no records of you ever calling about this before. Then he proceeds to ask if i'll do an online survey. I said, you DO NOT want me to do a survey about Walamrt!

I called NEXT's manufature and they said I have a two year warranty with them then Walamrt's replacement plan takes effect.....This rep obviously needs to go back to training because he doesn't even know what *** he is talking about.

I think i'll buy the same bike at Walmart, wait a few weeks and return the broke piece of *** bike with the newer receipt. Shame on me for being tricked into buying thier *** replacement plan in the first place.


When did customer satisfaction no longer matter? If Walmart or any other company mistreats and loses their customers, guess what?...No more customers, no more income, no more company and no more need for rude or even nice employees....

Those of you who work for any company and think its all right to be rude or mistreat ANY customer, well think twice.

EVERY customer is paying YOUR salary by supporting YOUR employer. From where do you really think the money comes? Karma..or Biblical...treat others as you would like to be treated....let go of the ego and pride. Be nice.

Secure your employment and encourage companies to graciously treat all customers. ...Jobs are hard to find.

There are MANY people, especially today, who would love to have a job and an income. Unemployment is tough on many levels.


I think that hatred, anger and venom are a bit much to be feeling over a product that was less than 100 dollars out of your pocket. You obviously have a very empty life to be so upset about this.

Did you happen to read your brochure that you got when they sold you the plan? I highly doubt it and in the rare event that you did, you probably twisted it to mean what you think it should mean. You're right, Wal Mart is not responsible for their plan it is a third party warranty company (which is also printed on the brochure) and I happen to work for that company. Do you have any idea what it is like having to listen to whiny cun** like you all day everyday?

Also doubtful. So here's a tip to get you through your miserable life, let it go and grow the *** up.


I am having the exact same issue, bought an MP3, it quit, had purchased the replacement plan. For 3 months now I am bing told, "the checks in the mail." I'm not giving up either.

I have been patient and kind but they have this one last shot and if I don't get my check in two weeks, I'm filing a small claims suit. Hey Simon, yeah it's not Wal-Mart but, they sure push that plan. They gotta be making money off of it or they wouldn't try to sell it, they should stand behind what they sell. @sdfjal;dj, things happen?

That's why we bought their plan 'cause things happen. All of us having the exact same problem with the exact same run around isn't "things happening" it's fraud.


If you insist, Mariah I will comply. It looks like you could benefit from a 1st grade English class so you can learn complicated words like "too" and when to use question marks.

Why do I need a new job? I don't work in customer service. I wouldn't last a day in customer service because I can't stand retards that blame companies for their own mistakes and misunderstandings.

The reason why people hate my posts is because they don't like being held accountable for their own mistakes and they know I'm saying what the employees are thinking and can't say.


Sounds like you need a new job Simon. Customer Service obviously is not your cup of tea.

Whatcha going to do insult me to? How pathetic is that.


i have a similar situation with a ps3 through these product care plans. sent the ps3 out , it came back not working.

(in fact it worked better before i sent it). i call them, some *** on the phone gets lippy with me, says they replaced the entire laser disc. which is a lie because it doesnt work and i know what a new one sounds like. so pretty much im in round 2 of sending it on a round trip.

it has been over 2 months no ps3 (great plan). and they tell me they can try up to 3 times before they have to replace the product. as of now i have no idea where my ps3 is , other then 7-10 days told to me repeatedly wether package or shipping labels. not to mention they did not send me a shipping label for a week.

very displeased with this service.



They always say "i'm never shopping at walmart again" lol i bet thats is not the truth.. and when the glitches are not even walmarts fault at all. Walmart has nothing to do with the repl plns.


get over it things happen


That guy had every right to be upset. I will NEVER purchase one of WalMart's extended warranty plans.

Just another way for them to make money and screw the consumer. I suspect that Simon works for WalMart.

Hopefully not at the Customer Service desk. :sigh


You're so scorned that you had to post this twice? Pathetic.

Wal-Mart was not your boyfriend. No need to act like you just got dumped on your wedding night.

Like I said before, YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED. Go spend more money somewhere else.