Shame on You WalMart (Manager is Vince Ramirez) of Fresno!

At exactly 7 PM this evening, My wife and kids entered the store and requested an employee to bring a cart to the car so I could shop with them. WALMART (Employees: Cleo and Tristin) refused! After my wife and even my TEN YEAR OLD SON, quoted the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), the employee (CLEO, who claimed to be the MANAGER) said (quote) "I dont care! Sue Us! Do you know how many times I hear that in a week?" This same sentiment was echoed by Walmart employee TRISTIN, who said that WalMart was not worried about the "ADA".

Now remember, my wife simply asked for one of the EMPLOYEES to bring the cart out to the car. So any claims of my family's ability to drive the carts is not even a factor! (Although my wife offered to drive it out if they wished, once they had refused.)

So the electric carts are what... just Window Dressing?

I ended up sitting in the car for an hour while my wife purchased her needs, including school clothes for the kids.

I am a paraplegic amputee... you know, a TRULY DISABLED PERSON, unlike the myriads of healthy people who are using relatives plaques because they are to lazy to walk!

To make it worse, while I am forced to sit in the car, a VERY RUDE lady comes out to the parking lot, blowing SMOKE in my face, to check my handicapped plaque. This VERY RUDE and SMELLY lady, stated that she could just write me a ticket and I would not even know it until a notice came in the mail! (I believe you could call that a threat and/or abuse of authority, per 42 USC 1983).

Oh well, I am freely available should ANYBODY need me to prepare affidavits, appear for hearings, etc. for ANY AND ALL CASES in which WalMart has violated the Americans With Disabilities Act (A.D.A), or in which WALMART has treated other handicapped or disabled customers unfairly or wrongly! Just make request to this string. I will soon prepare a websight just for complaints against WalMart by persons with disabilities.

I will Never go to any WalMart without a digital camera! (Which I purchased there for $39.00) Poetic Justice!

In the meantime, you can find me shopping at Target or K-Mart!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I am confused why your family would continue with their shopping venture (for an hour)at a store that treated you so badly. I would have instantly, after gathering the needed names for a formal complaint, left that store and went shopping elsewhere with-out giving that store a single dime!


WALMART doesnt care about your disability or your complaint. Our country is struggling and they laugh all the way to the bank..

They could care LESS about the needs .. they just want your green. There was a time when the folks at walmart were neighborly , but, that time has passed with Mr Wall's passing. When he went, he took his companies' humanity with him.

There was a time when I could go into Walmart and because I have a bad back, could ask and receive help to put a heavy object in my basket .. now all you get is eye rolling and told "that isnt my job".

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