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What seems to me to be a new store policy of checking receipts when leaving the store. Not too many years ago I was greeted at the door of my local Walmart by a friendly greeter when I went and given a friendly thank you for shopping Walmart when I left.

Now just a few years later there is no greeter, no friendly hello or thank you at the door, but rather someone in a bright yellow vest asking for my receipt which I had only got a few seconds ago from the cashier who is located only a few feet away. In the space of a few years I have went from feeling like a welcome customer to feeling like a shoplifting suspect. I called Walmart customer service, and the customer service employee said he would note my concerns.

I have done my grocery shopping almost exclusively at Walmart for what I would guess to be twenty five years, and have been reluctant to shop anywhere else because of the low prices and an overall good shopping experience, but the good shopping experience seems to be gone now, and customer service is always worth a little extra. I do not know if Walmart will follow up and call me back or not, but if not I will shop other area stores to see if I can begin to feel like a valued customer again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: What has become a very unfriendly environment after checkout.

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Honestly, I just look them square in the eye and say "No thank you" and keep walking. I will not be treated like thief after I just made a purchase not 5 minutes prior.

As I have commented no crime, what can they do? Tackle me?


That is odd because the Walmart door greater at the one my husband and I go to greets us when we enter as well as when we leave.


I had a friend tell me the same thing. I do not know why they discontinued the practice here. I have always liked Walmart until the last couple of weeks, but I cannot see how I can continue do my weekly shopping there while being treated as a suspect every time I exit.


They both greet people who enter and check receipts at walmart in pa


I think this policy is up to the store manager. Walmart built a store closer to me than the store I had shopped at for years.

A month or two after the opened the started up with the BS of checking receipts. They finally had enough complaints and customers returning to other Walmart's that they quit receipt checking.

It was really rather stupid as they were stopping people who had just gone through the registers while people were exiting from the store area behind them. Who knows what those people were shoplifting.