Humble, Texas
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i have bought veg and frozen food from all your stores and find that they are not fresh i bought veg and the were wilted and not fresh i also bought a smart one dinner and got sick an almost dye i got food posioning from the dinner i will never buy veg or frozen dinner your stores again also i find that most of the time you are out of products this is not good for cousmer service your stores should go out of business for poor products an missing products i should sue for the bad frozen smart one dinner

Monetary Loss: $30.

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It is possible that the frozen item may have thawed while waiting to be put away at Wal Mart. Spoiled then refreezed.

I got a frozen Pizza the other day and both my wife and I thought it did not taste the same as normal, and I felt sick afterwards.

I know they are slow to put milk away, why not other items.


I think you need to go back to grammar school first before you start suing someone.


It isn't WalMart's fault that you got sick from a frozen dinner. It is the fault of the company that produced the meal.

If you almost died from the bad dinner, were you hospitalized? If you had more than stomach flu symptoms, you should have been in the hospital. I shop at WalMart all the time and buy all of my groceries there, and have never had any bad produce.

Any type of store can run out of items, it depends on when their shipments com in and the amount of store traffic.


Your poor as trash and bored arent you?