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I am a Pastor and a loyal customer of Walmart, and I frequently shop at your stores. I am a resident of Desoto; Tx and I normally shop at that location.

However, last week I went into your Cedar hill location. It was either Mon (14th) or Tues (15th) between the hour of 3 pm and 7 pm to purchase a pair of ear phones. I found and purchase a set of ear phones located in your electronic department, which were under lock and key. So, the sales lady on duty had to get them for me because they were locked up.

Now I paid cash for them and I did not keep the receipt or the wrapping (plastic) it came in because I was getting ready to use them right away. So, when I get to the gym (24 hours) I threw the Walmart bag and all its belonging away. I mean the ear phones were working, and I was satisfied. I saw no need to keep it, I mean who does that?

But, within a couple of days I realized the headset were damaged, or at least not working properly. So, I decided to go and exchange them for another set, and that's when the games began with your employees. They treated me as if I was a liar or something. Upon arriving at the Cedar Hill location on Thursday night (17th).

The employees on duty would not help me, because I had no receipt, and they eventually, brush me off, and told me I had to come back and talk to customer service. I couldn’t come until today (20th). I arrive at your store around 7 pm tonight and tried to explain to Gavin, the customer service rep (Who was rude), that I needed another set of ear phone. He asked me did I have a receipt, I told him No, then he asked did I have the original box, I told him No.

So, he suggested to me that I should could back tomorrow (21st), but I had already been there and I wanted somebody to at least talk to me about the situation. So, I asked him to get somebody higher than him. He said he would, but he then stated to me, that it was no way that anybody would help me. So, I preceded to wait, then a lady whose name I did not get (she was a short Caucasian lady) who I was told she was a CSM or something like that.

So, I explain to her what had happened on either Mon or Tues, and how I just wanted another set of earphones. She preceded to call someone on her walkie talkie. She basically asked could someone check for a receipt. I heard the guy come back over the intercom and say “Yes, they could” and I thought O.K.

great. I may be able to get this handle tonight, because I am getting frustrated and quite frankly tired of coming back to talk to somebody else over a $7.88 set of earphones. At that moment, two guys walk by and I m not quite sure who they were, but the lady began to explain the situation. While that was happening, another guy (Caucasian) by the name of Christopher, comes up and walks me back to the electronic department.

I show him the set of earphones I had originally purchased. He preceded to the counter in the electronic department to get the keys to unlock the set of earphones. Now, I am really getting excited because he had mentioned something about how he could work with me because the earphones were under $10.00. But, he also told me that it was not his decision, it was up to the manger.

Which I later realize it was one of the two guys that the CSM lady was talking to earlier. Also, while Christopher and I walked back up to customer service, we discuss, how we both would have not keep the wrapping or the receipt. I men who does that? So, we arrive back to Customer Service and now he (Christopher) is talking to the manger Devin, and he is telling him how he knows how to send the merchandise to get credit.

Devin and the other guy was not trying to help at all. He cared nothing bout helping me or the time I spent coming back and forth to this store. No, all he cared about was the claim procedure. He then told me I needed the original package, and without it, he couldn’t help me.

Now, I’m thinking to myself. “I have a set of you guys earphones, and I obviously did not steal them”, (I think he may have thought that, not sure) but they are all under lock and key. So, stealing is not an option (BIG CLUE). The guy that was with him, could have pulled my receipt, but wouldn’t do it.

He was also concern about some claim procedure. HE COULD HAVE CHECK BUT CHOSE NOT TO. What I don’t understand, is that Christopher had solved that situation. Basically, I feel tremendously frustrated and tired of the run around.

It is obvious that I purchased them, and I am dealing with insensitive people who is more interested in a claim, than helping the customers. Would somebody please check the dates I provided, and then you will see I purchased the damaged merchandise.

I only want another set of earphones and I would like gas for going back and forth. Please help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Headphones.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $8.

Preferred solution: another earphone set plus gas money .

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Attitudes of employees, Cust svc inability to answer rationally and resolve the problem.

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"Who does that"? " Me".

I always just toss my receipts in the car console or keep them in a box at home until I am certain I won't need them. It's just SOP these days and makes your life a lot more serene.

There are so many dishonest people (including pastors and priests or whatever) that they can't trust anyone. Chalk this up to a learning experience.


Several times you ask the question "Who does that?" in regards to keeping the original packaging. The answer is, anyone with a small amount of intelligence would have kept the packaging and receipt for at least a few days to a week on a electronics item.

If you'd been paying attention at all in the past 40 years, you'd realize that most of the electronics we buy in America are made overseas and shouldn't be trusted.

Wake up and get a clue. And being a pastor has nothing to do with whether or not you are honest or have integrity.


What does your being a pastor have to do with your complaint?


Returns without a receipt has become a thing of the past. What can we do? Keep receipts.