North Little Rock, Arkansas
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Found a tool bag. No price tag, last one, was dirty, had missing parts.

Found manager. He had no idea what it cost. He made his best guess and priced it at 40.00. I offered him 25.00.

and said that was my best offer. He said he felt it was worth 40.00. I thanked him and walked off. WalMart annual sales range is around 300Billion.

He had someone standing there ready to buy a nothing bag for 25.00 instead it was left behind for an employee to steal. How much ignorance is allowed to manage in WalMart?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Ridiculous.

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Thanks for the great advice. We are thinking about Texas.

My wife's brother lives there.

Maybe we'll see you on the open range. I'll bet the people at walmart are a lot nicer there also.


Whether you can haggle or not at a department store such as Wal-Mart depends on the circumstance. Any merchandise that is not brand new, i.e damaged, soiled, faded, and /or not still sealed in its retail package is subject to the haggle system.

I once bought a display model of a microwave oven from Wal-Mart. At the time, they were sold out of all of the new, boxed units, and only had the display model in stock. They initially offered to sell it to me at 10% off the price of a new, boxed unit.

I looked at the sticker on the rear of the display model and pointed out that the display model was 5 years old since the date of manufacture, and I counter-offered to buy it at 25% off. They accepted.


musicman, PS, I lost my job 2 years ago and the employer hired an ilegal that worked for half my pay. We had to live in a tent for 60 days in the woods until my wife found work.

I can't find work. I wonder why.


musicman, Goody for you. I'm sure that 9 bucks an hour paid for your big ole house.

Maybe it's a trashy house. I don't know. Maybe the 125 acres is desert land where nothing lives or grows. I don't know.

Maybe your wamart has a lot less customers. We live in the middle of so cal and it's 96 % hispanic here and yes they do steal. Employees and customers alike. They take our jobs (ilegals), they steal from the government, (welfare), they don't pay for benefits that I can't get, they steal spray paint to vandalize our homes with, etc....

Sorry if I sound racist or discriminating but it's just my observation. And they are the majority of people in walmart. Just my observation. Saying all that with them taking all the jobs, and they do, I guess we're lucky to have jobs.

If you don't care for my remarks, please let me know. Freedom of speech is all I have left.


Lol. It's usually just children who think Texas is a desert wasteland where nothing grows.

Maybe people just know how to act in public better than the people in California do.

We also have a high hispanic population here but we still don't have the problems you mentioned your wife having. Maybe it's a California thing...


You're probably right. I'd love to live in Texas over this place.

And yes, I am a 60 year old child. Maybe it's the fact that Texas has a lot less people per mile. It's so crowded here in so cal. I was just venting about the desert crack.

I'm a cowboy living in the city.

Not a good mix. Take care.


Them move! It's what I did.

I used to live in Philadelphia with my parents, but when I turned 18, I packed up and hit the road because I always knew the "big city" just wasn't for me. I've lived in Texas for 11 years now and my parents ended up moving here too. Like you said, it's a lot less crowded, and the cost of living is lower, and you get more bang for your buck.

My sister in law rents her house for $800 a month and that's for a 3 bedroom house. I don't know how big your place is for $2,000, but I bet you could get a better deal elsewhere (though it may not be so trendy).


I didn't realize Walmart used the haggle system. I was under the impression that you did that at yard sales, car lots (new and used), and when purchasing a home. I don't think you can haggle at a department store.


Walmart is not a yard sale where you can haggle a price. They can return it to the claims center and be credited full price for it.

Also, where do you get off saying it was left behind for an employee to steal?

You are making accusations against people who you do not know. You are mad because you didn't get the price you wanted so talk *** about the employees now?


I totally agree. The manager can't quote a price.

And why would you want something dirty and missing parts? What kind of parts would a tool bag be missing anyway? My first rule. I never buy anything without a price tag.

Too many problems at checkout. By the way, my wife works at walmart and yes the employees do steal. They have to.

They don't get paid enough. Just her observation.


The starting pay is $9 an hour. That's more than reasonable pay.

Stealing is never ok.


Stealing is not okay, I agree. Never said it was.

It is just her observation, what she sees. And 9 bucks an hour is not reasonable for what those employees put up with. She is a cashier in a very busy store and takes care of hundreds of customers daily. Some spit at her, call her names, curse at her, threaten her, accuse her of lying, etc...., and she has to be nice to these disgusting, gross, animals or she loses her 9 bucks an hour.

And yes I mean animals. I've seen some of them. I really don't know how, or why, she puts up with it. No it is not reasonable if you live in LA county and rent is 2.000 a month.

9 bucks is good for someone living in a tent in the mountains. Thank you.


$9 an hour is a reasonable starting pay, and is a lot better than most other entry level jobs, but some people are never going to be happy and claim they don't make enough and HAVE to steal. I worked at Walmart for about 4 years as a cashier before the starting rate was $9 and I never was even tempted to steal anything to make ends meet.

And maybe the other anonymous and his wife just live in a trashy area but I never had any of the troubles he mentions his wife having. Yes, some employees are going to steal, just like some customers are going to steal, but that is going to happen everywhere, no matter what people are paid.

By the way, I'm far from living in a tent in the woods. I live in a four bedroom house (that i own) on 125 acres of land in the heart of Texas, and that's where I lived while working at Walmart too.