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I started trying at 5 am on 4/5/17 to pump gas at the 13003 state highway 249 store., pump kept saying invalid card. i went into talk to attendant.

usless she gave me another card. still did not work. she told me to try another pump same thing. i tried my bank atm card sam thing.

i asked for my money back. can not do it. i went to talk into store another card. i am out of time and can not wait.

your employees only care about there on time. i left and went some where else. i went back after 7 p same store. gas attendant could not do anything at place had to go to wal mart was there another thirty minutes.

she helped other customers while trying to solve my problem. do not appreciate this at all. u have lost my gas and other business completely.

i work for metro lift and i needed gas so i could work will tell other employees. so u loose all the way arould

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gas Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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While I'm 100% sure YOU are a rocket surgeon I'm STILL going to take a moment and educate you. IF your card was declined it could have been from one of MANY different companies that have their hands on EVERY card transaction.

Now YOU tell us it was 5 AM. THAT is normally the time that these companies do their DAILY drops and updates. Meaning the system is either BUSY or DOWN for maintenence. Now IF the merchant services that has FIRST crack at your card is down your card is declined.

IF the NETWORK that supports YOUR card is busy or under maintenence then your card will be declined. ALL of these are 100% OUTSIDE of walmarts control and the poor clerk is NOT going to be able to do anything for you. THAT is just YOU showing everyone YOUR self entitlement streak. THEN to top it all of, when YOU go back to walmart customer service and try and SCAM them for free money, YOU have to wait for someone to both show up AND be idiotic enough to fulfill your request.

SO YOU end up having to WAIT. I understand that things on your PHONE load up fast but in business there are way too many controls in place to secure transactions so they cant "Just look it up on the computer". WAITING is NOT RUDE OR MEAN!!! ITS WAITING!!!!!

YOU werent charged, YOU didnt pump gas, WHY should YOU get anything but sorry the system is down. YOU rely on card purchases the rest of the world does NOT!!! So I would suggest that in the future YOU keep some CASH on you so IF your card is declined YOU have a back up. Their system being down at 5 AM is NOT in any way something YOU get to whine about.

YOU CHOSE to go there and there was an issue with YOUR card and NOTHING MORE!!! YOU are making a mountain out of a molecule. Get over it and move on. ANYONE with LESS self entitlement and MORE common sense would be able to understand that these issues pop up from time to time.

Its an inconvenience and NOTHING MORE!!!



You do know that if it said "invalid card" then it did not charge you, right? Are you trying to scam someone out of their money?


Wow you sound threatening, I am sure they will totally care about it and read this review, because this is such a popular platform.


The logical thing to do is to pay for your petrol with cash instead of relying on some card. This is not rocket science. Everyone carries at least a hundred dollars in their wallet, don't they?


Let's survey 100 Walmart shoppers to see how many of them know what the word "petrol" means lol