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I ordered a beautiful gazebo swing from Walmart when I arrived home from work, my swing was waiting on me. The box had been torn open in several places and resealed with clear packing tape.

The only thing in the box was the metal posts and braces and the part of the swing that holds the cushions. No top. No cushions. No bolts and nuts.

No instructions. Called WalMart for a replacement. There were no other units in stock and they would not substitute another item because there were no items that shipped from Walmart that were comparable. They will send the carrier to pick up the swing but will not refund my money for 5 days after the return is received.

So I not only don’t have a swing but I also don’t have my money to buy another one somewhere else Lesson learned.

Only buy from Amazon going forward. They give you money back as soon as the shipment is picked up by the carrier WalMart will not get my business on high dollar items ever again.

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