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Ge Money they are scammers , I have tried to take care of my dead mothers account , thinking it was a good idea to try and pay off her bill with WALMART.

Well about 6 post dated checks into it (I know not a good idea) I found myself not having the funds to cover just 1 check. I called to make arrangements and was told they would stop one of the checks.

You can guess the rest...they went ahead and put it thru and the when I called them on it , they refused to talk to me.

You bet they wanted to talk to me all the other times, as they were getting money but after that nope didnt want to talk about the check they put thru.

Asked if they wanted to work with me and get this paid off or not ..did they want to work with a dead women and get nothing?

They asked if they could help me with anything else?

Told them I was done, wont be getting a dime from me now or in the future , Or my mother as she was dead and couldnt pay from her urn!

Ive stopped payment on the future checks and wont be giving them anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Crossville, Tennessee, United States #845842

number one post dated checks are against the law and if a person or company takes them they are breaking the law. second unless you were the person respondabel for taking care of your mothers estate you were not oblagated to pay anyone.

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