Owasso, Oklahoma
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I'm mad...these guys sum up my feelings perfectly.


Everywhere I go it seems that everyone in the service industry is so completely oblivious to what their job actually is...I can't stand it. People just standing around, one register open with a huge line, drives me crazy. YOU HAVE A JOB IN CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Why don't you try to actually SERVE the customer. Just can't believe the indifference. Try writing a blog or something if you stink with people so badly.

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It's simple. For $7/hr, you aren't getting top notch employees.

If you want better employees, Wal-Mart will have to pay them better and that means higher prices.

If people wanted better customer service, they could go to mom-and-pop stores. Oh wait, they're all out of business because people would rather have low prices.

John N

I too have noticed the vertiginous descent of customer service into oblivion at Walmart in the past few months. It is only getting worse.

They have four or five people lined up at ONE manned register and are oblivious to the this. I tend to drive past Walmart now and just go straight to Meijers.