Orlando, Florida

Maybe it just me but Walmart has been over the last 3-4 years sinking deeper and deeper into a stale, depressing and poor quality place to shop. Prices are actually quite high when the quality of the product is taken into account.

Employees seem to be from day labor camps, with frowns and poor attitudes, no help and often acting like the customer is in the way. The products Walmart sells seem to be of the lowest quality that can be found. Clothing is low budget, salvation army type stuff... food is high fat trash, soap and shampoo are just mass produced low quality ***.

Parking lot always full of trash and low budget workers taking smoke break, crafts and art supplies are no longer carried since the new make over in 2010.

The few few items I do like are often under stocked and not there when I go to buy them. Isles and departments shift location making you look all over for something you need.

I have decided to completely cut Walmart from routine and never go there again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

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The best way to get some alone time is act like you need help at a Walmart.


That's why I shop at Target


So shop somewhere else. Duh.


forunatly/unfortunatly they are using temporary workers and they are not trained. A few years ago when Walmart met with the govt about creating new jobs many of the long term workers "decided to retire" Most of the employees now work minimal hours and are required to finish ungodly tasks within the 4-5 hours they work.

take the time to actually look around...Many shoppers come in making a mess as they shop and expect the store to be beautiful and well stocked when half of the merchandise is damaged because someone had nothing better to do. Wish some parents trained their kids to act human in public sometimes...


then don't go? you just sound like an ignorant *** you do know Walmart sells brands of products that OTHER companies make first, right? maybe you're just too dumb to understand that.


So what did you think you were getting for the absolute lowest price possible for an item???


The reason the employees are frowning is because of dealing with people like you. They are known for low prices, you get what you pay for.

Also the price increase is called inflation. I suggest you get a job so you can afford to shop elsewhere.