1002 SE National Dr, Ankeny, IA 50021
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I just left the Ankeny Iowa Walmart store. I did the self-checkout lane and was exiting the store when I was stopped at the door by a Walmart employee I've known for eight years.

I am in this store probably three times a week and know most of the staff.

The guy asks me for my receipt and I start looking through my bags but can't find it. He immediately gets formal and says he has to cal his manager. What ensues is ridiculous and wrong.

First I am marched by "the manager" back across the store to the self-checkout station I used. He then asks the Walmart employee working there if she recognizes me.

It's like a cop show. Then he asks her what machine I was on, how many customers followed me, etc.

He then marches me back across the store to the Customer Service desk and said he had to call "security" and they would run scans on the machine to see if they could verify my purchase. He even pointed to the exact spot where he wanted me to stand (like I was some sort of convict in jail so he could keep an eye on me).

I then found the receipt in my wallet (it had been there all along) and he "released" me to go to the door where the guy who shook me down first time waited. Once again I went through the entire shakedown all the while being treated like some sort of crook looting the store.

I will NEVER go back into a Walmart store and how this company stays in business I will never know.

The stores are filthy, half the shelves are out of stock, they treat their customers like crap and they sell junk. Here's to all the Walmart haters out there and I'm now one of you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Countless.

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Do what I do.I just say no thank you as I leave while recording it all on my phone.They will leave you alone then because they do not want a lawsuit.I would sue for false imprisonment of they do not let me pass.


People have tried suing for this, they have not won. Has something to do with them not using force to detain you and that you made the choice to stay rather than go.


Ball vs.walmart...this is just one of the big ones ...went all the way to mass.state supreme court...Wal-Mart lost by the way....the internet is you friend here..Do some research before you post.Many have sued and won.


You simply should have ignored the gentleman at the door asking for your receipt, and walked out of the door without saying anything to him. That would have saved you all of that trouble.


I'd talk to your doctor about your memory if you can't remember where you put your receipt within a couple of minutes. Just think of the trouble you would have saved if you had shown your receipt the first time.


They were probably unaware of where they put their receipt. They just could not locate it right away.

Sometimes you put it in your bag.Sometimes in your wallet/purse. You are unaware of where you put it because you did not think about it. The real issue is the manager taking it too far. Though the OP should stay on topic.

The store being messy is usually due to shoppers. The empty shelves well that is a problem for any store, not just Walmart.


I agree with you. I have so much coupons and receipts cluttering up everything, I often have a hard time finding what I am looking for. I always keep all my receipts until I am sure that I won't be having to bring the item back.