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In 2000 I suffered a severe injury that left me with two ruptured discs in my lumbar spine. I had just changed doctors and my new physician had arbitrarily changed all of my prescriptions without notifying me.

I went to Walmart pharmacy in Manteca, California, and was assisted by a pharmacy technician.

When I returned to pick up my prescriptions which were usually around $12.00 the price was now over $200.00! I asked the tech to call the doctor and see if any of the meds could be changed back or replaced by meds on the $4.00 list (All three were before) and the clerk rolled her eyes, and loudly enough for a person with 25% normal hearing to hear clearly over background noise stated that I should get a job so I can afford my meds!I was in a lot of pain and just wanted to go home so I said nothing, but it still bothers me to this day!

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Luverne, Alabama, United States #753783

If it still bothers you 13 years later you have issues. Most likely because you she called you out for what you are, a freeloader who abuses EBT. Have you found a job yet or do tax payers still pay for you to eat?

"WHY would you expect your pharmacy to call YOUR doctor to change YOUR medication????? That is YOUR responsibility, not theirs. "

The same reason they do not have a job? To lazy to do things on their own.(hope my comment does not still upset the OP 13 years later)

Also I have a feeling that they "forgot" to mention that they were making a fuss and rude themselves and the pharmacist replied in anger.

After reading the rude and sarcastic replies from the OP as well as the sarcastic manner in the review I am guessing that the OP gave the technician attitude and "forgot" to mention that part.

Better than you, yeah it may be a shady job with low pay, but at least they are not living off tax payers.


when i worked in a small pharmacy it would be no problem for me to do that for you now you go to a large place where people are overworked and under paid this is what happens the employees dont care because they are treated badly so instead of getting a better job where they will be happy they take it out on you the customer which is wrong in so many ways change where you get your meds sooner or later maybe when the company loses so much money they will change money talks


The poster is probably not telling the truth.And also the poster need's to speak to their doctor their self to get the amount of the prescription correct.The doctor evidently changed the prescription and the cost is more than the previous prescription.So therefore the fault does not need to be placed on WALMART,It need's to be placed on the doctor who wrote the prescription.These pain freak's get on my last NERVE.

to Anonymous #613698

Judging from your initial post it seems clear that you share the techs attitude, and you eluded to working in the same or similar capacity, so why would you be dubious of the legitimacy of my post when you yourself presented irrefutable evidence of its reality? Oh, and your anonymous post did not escape me.

Naples, Florida, United States #598676

WHY would you expect your pharmacy to call YOUR doctor to change YOUR medication????? That is YOUR responsibility, not theirs.

WHY why why do people think it is our job to call THEIR doctor when their doctor screws up?? YOU CALL HIM.

to LadyScot #613667

Are you actually trying to suggest that this technician’s completely insulting, unprofessional, and inhumane behavior was somehow justified? The issue is not about whose responsibility it is to call the doctor, but of proper professional conduct. Clearly, you missed the point!

to SevenofSeven Naples, Florida, United States #613688

I highly doubt the poster's claim in reference to the tech. So no, I did not miss the point.

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