Frankfort, Kentucky

I would like to thank all the hateful people who commented on my Walmart story a few weeks ago. First of all you dont know the full story and frankly I should not have posted it online, I made a mistake there and will never do it again.

I think it is sad when people online can be as mean as they want to be. Actually I feel sorry for people have nothing better to do than bash others. I am a Christian and so is my daughter.

The Bible states not to judge. I can not fight Walmart and dont intend to do so so just leave me alone!!

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Mr. Christain, arn't you judging the people who posted on your letter.

Seriously if you can't take the heat don't post online. Also were they really mean or were they telling you that you are wrong.

A lot of people confuse that being told you are wrong is the same thing as being mean. What was your story btw, because if you are the person whom I think you are your comments towards others were not very Christian like.