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The same thing happened to me just today!!! But, I was accused of not paying for things and then when they kindly let me leave with what they said I DID pay for, I go to my car in shock when I realized what I already knew....

I paid for said items except for hamburger meat and coffee. The hamburger meat beeped at self checkout so I didn’t even look. Coffee I couldn’t tell you. So LP accuses me of stealing and I DIDNT!

I was also told while sitting in the LP office like a common thief “ those self check outs are always messing up” by the other worker. Wow just wow. Needless to say when I looked at my receipt, I called them back and asked why there were so many items I paid for not in my bags, LP said” oh, I didn’t see those. Are you sure?” AM I SURE???!!!!

I was just wronged and publicly humiliated! I will be hiring an attorney and taking this to court. You should do the same.

Ps I have a feeling that he realized that the hamburger meat and coffee were just due to faulty barcodes or register error and he tried to add all of the items that he said I didn’t pay for to cover his mistake up. Guess he didn’t think I would come home and check over it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Many people cover the barcode with their hands and pretend to scan it, so while you may say that it beeped, and you may be legit, the statistics do not lie in your favor. I'm sorry but they do have probable cause in this case.


Haha you're adorable.

Taking it to court for what? It won't happen, you're just throwing a fit.


Sounds like the self-checkout is not for you. No attorney is going to be interested unless you bring in at least $10,000