Weslaco, Texas

I cannot stand to shop at the Calallen WalMart, 3829 N US Hwy 77, Robstown, Texas, 78380!! Everyday of every week some bible banging idiots are selling something at the doors or begging for money!

It is ALWAYS some religion or another and they follow people to their cars and catch a shopper going in and coming out! There are actually people frightened into giving money so they will left alone! I am NOT exaggerating when I say everyday! This is insane behavior!

I am so tired of those idiots skulking around the parking lot and blocking the entrance/exit that I will not go there anymore! Have some respect for your shoppers and stop this nonsense immediately!!

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You like most atheists are slime.

@You are a slimeball

You have this wrong. Atheists don't wander parking lots begging people like these people do all the time. They also don't come to my door all the time trying to sell me fairy tale books like the other ones.


No you commies just try to wipe out our religious freedom entirely in this country. Those are not fairy tales. They are a guidebook for life and the promise that this short, miserable life is not all there is for those who seek God's word.


and THIS ^ is being "Christ-like"

You set a fine example... one I choose NOT to follow.

Keep in mind, you DONT have "Religious freedom"! You have "Freedom from Religious Persecution"...there is a BIG difference.

You should be able to worship anything you want - as long as you don't impede the religious (or non-religious) freedom of others.


Why can't you ignore the folks at walmart's? They are usually just trying to help out under privledged kids or homeless organizations around here.

When they ask you, all you need say is no thank you and go on your way.

What is so difficult about that. Sounds like a control issue to me.


Atheists are just miserable, unhappy people. They are also communists who are trying to wipe out our religious freedom.


Did you know that Wal-Mart sells dictionaries?

You should go buy one...and look up the meaning of words you don't understand before you try to use them in a structured sentence.