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I have been getting my medications here a Wal-Mart for a long time since 2006, and every time that I go get my medications there is such a long line and only one person working and all of those others sitting around or talking instead of helping and when you call in boy, you have to call back several times to get a refill or check on a medication and see if it is ready. To me they need to get some kind of better system or a lot of your customers will be going to some where else and it's good you have a lot of medications that are $4, because some of us take too many.

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I understand pharmacology all too well. One thing WM needs is a drive thru.

*** you need to have one tech dedicated to that area each day. If you have 2 registars, you need to have 2 checkers at all times. When not busy, one of those checkers can be one the floor stocking or straighting shelves. And one of your checkers don't give a rats-a$s about her job.

One just works as slow as she can and the other works to get the line down. That is not team work. Same way with the pharmastis. I have it noted on my account of ALL of my prescriptions to be filled in non-child proof tops.

And this *** puts child-proof lids on every bottle when he fills my orders. It is infuriating!!!


Completely agree. I don't understand why but every time I go to WM to get my birth control pills refilled it takes 45 minutes.

WHY?! The pills are prepackaged!

They don't have to count anything -- just print a label, stick it on and take my money! Even with three people working there and no line it takes 45 minutes.

to Lisa #564652

There is more to pharmacology than print a label and stick it on the prescription. Of course, you wouldn't understand. You do not sound very bright.

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