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Update by user Sep 19, 2018

My husband got on the phone and called again and they "re-viewed" the tape. They saw the cashier lay the gift card on the check writing desk as I was putting bags in my cart.

The cashier handed me the receipt and I looked to see if there were any more bags and asked her if that was all. She said that's it and I walked away. The man behind me saw the gift card and put it in his pocket!! The manager not only gave me a refund, but also added an additional $20.

and gave us a replacement gift card. I am not sure why they weren't going to do anything about it, at first, but, after speaking with my husband, they started bending over backwards! Reviewing tapes, etc. Oh!!

Maybe it had something to do with my post on PISSED CONSUMER!! :-)

Original review posted by user Sep 18, 2018

I picked out a gift card for my 11 year old Granddaughters birthday. I got it off the shelf, handed it to the cashier. She rang it in for $40.00. I should have been paying closer attention, as when I got home, no gift card in the bag with the birthday card! I looked all through my purse and wallet, but could not find it. Looked in the car, everything! Called Walmart, immediately and the lady took the information from my receipt and said they would look for it and call me back after watching the video.

No one called back, so today I called and the manager told me he was sorry, but there was nothing he could do! He said I might as well have dropped 2 $20. bills on the floor. Its just gone. I said no, the cashier should have been responsible enough to hand me back the card, assuring that I got all the merchandise I paid for! I wanted to know why they couldn't just void it, but got no valid excuse.

I was under the impression that Walmart was very good about returns, customer service, etc., but am very disappointed about my visit! I will go out of my way, maybe spend more money, but won't patronage Walmart in the future. This seems like a simple fix with the digital capacities that Walmart has in place. The Manager said the surveillance was not that good at the registers!?!?! REALLY!

We called again, and a lady named Cynthia said she would look into it, watch the tapes again, with the Manager, and get back to us. Still waiting!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Manager unwilling to compensate for my lost gift card..

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Pros: Cake i ordered.

Walmart Cons: Fact that i did not make it home with my giftcard.

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So Who posted this if it is not her? She posted it. When she was called out for her dishonesty of keeping the gift card she felt ashamed and claimed she was hacked.


Never mind I found the gift card. I am happy because not only do I have the $40 that I originally purchased, but an extra $40 plus $20 that the manager added it turns out that the gift card was in my wallet.

I am happy now because instead of $40 my granddaughter got $100. An extra $60 that I did not have to pay.


So why did you Not look in your wallet Before posting your complaint? Now you have an extra $60.00 on the gift card that Really should Not be there if you had just Looked in your wallet first. That is not fair.


You should not have posted that. You are shaming this poor woman that she has to claim her account as hacked.


So Who posted this if it is not her?


Anonymous she was told off for keeping the $60 when she found her original gift card. She felt ashamed and claimed someone hacked her account. Then when we call her out on her dishonest unethical behavior she claims she was hacked.


I was thinking the same thing. But now you are making her feel bad by posting this and she has to lie and claim her account was hacked.


Technically she is a thief. As soon as she found the gift card in her wallet she should have told the manager what happened.

Most likely he would have let her keep the gift card anyway and thanked her for being honest. He may take it away, but the OP is dishonest.


You said it right.. YOU should have paid attention.

You could have dropped in the parking lot. Sounds like your issue, not Walmart


Or she could be lying. They can't just hand out gift cards to anyone and everyone that claim they were not given the gift card at the register.