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I purchased a Walmart Visa Gift Card on 5/15/16 in the amount of $350 in order to pay 2 bills online while I awaited my new debit card. When I got home, I went online and registered the gift card and attempted to make a payment on one of the bills.

It took a few tries before the card would work properly to make the payment. On Monday morning, 5/16/16, I went online to pay the second bill with the remaining $117.63 balance on the gift card. The payment was declined. I tried numerous times to contact through their automated number only to be either cut off, or received a message that they were experiencing technical difficulties.

After around 5 hours, I was able to speak with a live person. I was told a block had been put on the gift card on the SAME day I purchased it for suspicious activity. They would not tell me what the suspicious activity was only that they would file a case and it would take 10 business days for a resolution. So a card that I used CASH to purchase was blocked on the SAME day of purchase and now my second bill will be late because I cannot access the remaining balance on the gift card.

MY MONEY was used for the card, I have the card in my possession and was able to tell them what the pending authorization on the card was for. This is a total scam.

How can you block a gift card on the same day it was purchased with my own cash? This is unacceptable and I will NEVER step foot in a Walmart again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $118.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Bad customer service.

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I received a Christmas gift card, back in 2016, from my son. It was somehow misplaced and I have tried, several times, to track it down; however, received NO HELP from Walmart.

Walmart's online/telephone customer service was bad back then and I hear is still very bad. P.S.

I still have the information on the 3 gift cards that were purchased back then. If Walmart wants to discuss it and help me.....