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I was using the Manuel checkout around 10 pm tonight (10/10/19)and my gift card(with a $25 balance) wouldn’t read on the card reading device. I called for a young lady(Walmart employee) who was overseeing these machines to inquire as to wether she could help me with the issue.

She tried swiping the card a few times and the machine would not register it. She then just tried to hand the card back to me and act as if nothing could be done. I asked if she could possibly try to re-process my items on her register and try her Card reading device. Seeming unpleased about this request, she then proceeded towards her Register/Checkout Station.

After re-entering my Chosen items to purchase,or so I thought, she tried swiping the card a few times and handed it over to me. Next she stated nothing could be done until Customer service was open on the following morning. Baffled, I asked if there was a way she could enter the card information manually and she responded with “No”. I then explained how I would like the funds transferred to another gift card so they could be used.

She offered no solution(nor did she consult with a manager about the decision) and stated I would need to return tomorrow. I had no cash on me and realized I had left the Card (containing my Currency) with my significant other. I had not informed her that I had no other form of payment on my person, however I’m under the impression that she assumed such by the little smirk and short giggle/chuckle she let out. Not only was I offended, I was embarrassed.

While sitting in my vehicle for a short bit, I digested what had just happened and considered speaking with a manager. I decided to go home without my 4 items ( a six-pack of Diet Mountain Dew, a pair of small bandage Scissors, a can of Barbasol Shaving Cream and a bag of Purina Beniful Dog Food totaling $14 dollars and some change). This decision was made mainly on behalf of embarrassment and partially because I have never had to speak with a Walmart manager about any kind of problem/ issue. I was unsure of the best move to make with the given situation, so I decided I would just address the issue after work on the following day.

I’m expecting it to be resolved, however still a little upset about the whole ordeal. I’m not exactly sure as to what should be done about the situation, however I feel it needs to be addressed and handled accordingly. Maybe the employees should be trained on how to properly address situations that could be embarrassing or uncomfortable to Customers. They should also try to be as understanding and helpful as possible.

It probably wouldn’t hurt(if it doesn’t already exist) to add a function to the registers allowing Gift Cards to be manually entered. This would aid in times when the magnetic strip of a card will not transmit the proper information or when the machine is not properly gathering the necessary information to preform a simple transaction. I’m certain that my funds need to be transferred to a different card or should at least be available for my usage on 11/11/19. Some sort of compensation would also be appreciated for my embarrassment, the lack of professionalism and my wasted time/energy on this Hindering trip to Walmart.

Upon leaving, I had to drive 45 minutes to get my funds and go to a different establishment in order to obtain my desired items. Not sure I’ll be purchasing/using “Gift Cards” from Walmart in the future.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Convenience, Affordable.

Walmart Cons: Lack of effort to meet customers needs.

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I understand that you are upset, but it is Much better when you Only post What is Absolutely needed instead of Every small detail.