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I purchased a gift card for my niece. When she called in for the balance it was at zero.

After speaking with Walmart the card was traced to someone in Illinois. The card was clearly compromised once she called in or from the store itself.

If you have had a gift card issue similar please email me your email and name and what happened as I am looking into filing a class action suit against the company.

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-Amy Moorman



Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Zachary I am not talking about nickels. I dont bother with nickel or pennies.

I use paper money, as should everyone. Technology has made people too lazy to count, therefore using cards makes consumers dumber and they overspend. Cash means paper money. I always have plenty of real money when I shop, if I do use change it is quarters only.

I dont know why you consider nickels cash. Perhaps you run a lemonade stand and only have change instead of actual money.


It's NOT WALMART'S FAULT that you've been scammed by the person/website you bought the gift card from. Obviously, you shouldn't be buying gift cards from any place besides DIRECTLY FROM WALMART.com! Lesson learned.


we purchased cards from the store and it was still compromised, now we have to jump through hoops to get the money back.


Same. That’s exactly what happened to us.


When I did further research I discovered that the card was compromised along with two other gift cards from two other people in different states and all three were used to purchase a video game. All three gift cards were reported as stolen. Walmart were aware and has still decided not to refund or reissue a card.


I swear it wasn't me.


Give your niece cash, tightwad. Maybe she would like to spend her birthday money somewhere other than Walmart.

It is better having cash. I had an aunt that gave me $100 each birthday, then $200 for Christmas. I would buy stuff from 3 or 4 different stores. A gift card is so limiting.

Why make her shop at Walmart?

Maybe she would prefer shopping at more than one store. Cash is better for teaching the value of money also.


The issue is that the gift card is not working. Maybe they do not want to give cash because the mother of the niece insists that she put all cash in a savings account.

Maybe the niece likes shopping at Walmart.

Besides it is the thought that counts. This is between the aunt and the niece why is the gift any of your business.


I just feel like people rely on technology too much, for instance the card didnt work. I bet the cash would have worked.

I cant count how many times I have seen or heard about a gift card not working. Also credit and debit cards can be very problematic, holding checkout lines up. Cash is real, you dont have to type a number in over and over and holding other shoppers up. They really should have a couple cash-only checkout lanes.

Technology is still so flawed, when it start working better I wouldnt care to use it. Until then, cash is king.


Thank you! You are spot on!


Wait until you run across someone who insists on paying in nickels for a $424.23 item :D

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