on August 8th my niece went into Walmart and purchased me a happy birthday card with a balance of $25 and showed me the receipt. a couple of hours later I went online and checked the balance and it said $25.

so about an hour later I went to the Murphy's connected to the same store where the card was bought and it was rejected twice saying there was a zero balance. so the next day I went to the Walmart in the next town over and tried to use it in the store same issue. the cashier pulled up the card info said a zero balance. I haven't even used the card.

so for the last day and a half I checked my transaction history and it is all zero dollar transactions with a zero balance. one manager told me without the receipt she could not help me. I have called at least 5 number and talked to two people who barely spoke English. one the recording kept repeating it self literally every minute no matter what time day or night that I call.

one hung up on me when I hit the number to talk to customer service and one of the numbers the manager gave me wasn't even a working number!!! I don't know how but my money up and vanished like a *** in the wind. or I was double charged somehow since I had to use my credit card both times since I couldn't use my card. I can't get anyone to help me so I guess Walmart legally just stole $25 from me.

and it's not about the money it's about the way it's being handled about your customer service about just treating me like a person which you are not doing. Walmart makes millions and billions of dollars every day probably and you have to steal $20 for me good job do not doing $25 fr t wro it

User's recommendation: go anywhere else but Walmart if humanly possible!!! Walmart is the place to go if you do not care about customer service or being treated like a human or being able to talk to a live person on the phone when needed. but if you love to be spun around in circles and giving false numbers and like to hear the same recordings over and over again by all means go to Walmart.

Location: Burnet, Texas

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