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I have a Wal-Mart visa gift card on the amount of $400.00 that I was saving in my wallet for Xmas presents. This card went from the package, to registration at your website to my wallet and somehow when I went to check my balance because I was going to do some online shopping, for my surprise my card went from 400 to 7 dollars and some change.

I called 866-633-9096 and i Spoke with 2 different agents, the fisrt named Aly which did a claim as compromised card and cancelled the gift card and representative #2 that was not at all helpful at all and instead he made me think this claim was already a lost cause because the first thing he said was "after 10 business days you will received an email with the outcome and if its negative you will receive the reasons why too. Seriously ? they breach your system, like its says in every review for your gift card since 2013, they stole my information from your website(almost sure since no one had touch that card) and now someone is going to run away free with my money and most likely they are not reimbursing me the money. Is this Wal-Mart now?

I live in Orlando, Fl and the card was used in GA. I was able to verify all the information of the registration website with your agent and I still have the card with me.

Someone post online that this is an inside job with a few of their own employees that will target high balance gift cards to clone them and sell them on the streets. I will like to know if this is true and what is Wal-Mart doing to resolve this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: compromised gift card.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Word of advice, never have money sent through the mail. Sorry, but anyone can read your mail.

Also, what people do in their free time is not Walmart's fault. It could be people that are not an employee. My mother learned all this the hard way. She had a check in the mail and someone washed it.

Even people from far away can read your mail. Hopefully you get your money back hon.

I'm sorry. :(