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January 9th 2018 my mom purchased a visa gift card for me since I live in Texas and thought it was a good idea to not have $150 worth of cash with me since I was pregnant and that was her gift for my baby shower. A month later already in Texas where I live I tried to use another gift card I had recieved for my baby shower from Walmart Visa gift card.

It had a balance of 30 and when ever I used it it had a balance of 3 dollars. I go home and check out the one my mom gave me and it had a balance of $9. Sad. I called the store where we bought the $150 and had absolutely no answers.

CLled corporate just got transferred all over the place. Finally call the bank and their result 90 days later was that it was not Walmart’s mistake.

When we checked the history of the card, 140 something went to time warner cable the day after. Sad I couldn’t use the $150 for baby stuff when my mothers hard worked money but someone got to pay their cable and internet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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My daughter gave me a walmart visa gift card for $100 for Christmas. Didn't touch it for several weeks, checked the balance and it $16.37.

Called the number on the card (Greendot bank) and they said I could not dispute the charges because the card wasn't registered when the charges were made. Isn't that convenient for the thieves? The thieves must work for Greendot bank is my conclusion. I am not getting anything but a runaround from Walmart.

Even the manager at the store where the card was purchased is not interested in helping or making it right, just giving me the runaround. Next, I will call a lawyer.


Went to Walmart and purchased a $500 Visa card to purchase computer parts. After purchasing, immediately went home to use it and it was declined.

Tried firing it out for 3 1/2 before I finally saw that $480 was spent on

I tried getting ahold of Visa, Walmart, and ua. word of advice to anyone else, file a police report ASAP.


Do not get/use Walmart gift cards!! All you're doing is giving money to scammers to pay for whatever and u don't get the money back. Scammers-1You-0


I am having similar problems. I was given $250.00 walmart gift card.

I went on-line to registar the card & it said my balance was only $56. The transaction history showed (4) transactions in California for food & gas. I called the customer support number given on the card. They directed me to submit a complaint.

I did. I waited several weeks with no response from "greendot" (walmart). I called back & they said that they cancelled by case # because I did not submit a picture of the card (why didn't they tell me to begin with). So openned a new case # & sent pictures of the card.

I waited again with no response from walmart. I called back & a recording said my case was settled. So what does that mean??? I tried to call back & under no circumstance can you get through.

I've called a dozen times at different times of the day & all you get (after you type your card number in is "we're having technical difficulties. Call back later". I log back in to check my balance & the account has been cleaned-out.

Now (2) weeks later I still get no response from Walmart, no check & still can't reach anyone What a scam... To summarize: WALMART STOLE $250.00....


Same thing happened to me! $200 gift cars from baby shower and it was used online in CA the day after it was purchased.

My calls do not go through as soon as I enter my card #. Been dealing with this since March 2018.