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I bought six (6) $100.00 gift Walmart cards on Dec. 15,2018, on Dec.

16, 2018 Walmart says that they were redeemed. Not by me since I had control over these cards until I gave them out for Christmas. I went to the Walmart that I bought them at and was told to call the corporate office. I called and could not get anything other than phone prompts-no customer service period.

I tried a number of times to contact someone and finally got a person on the line. They were NO help at all. All they want me to do is send someone an E-mail about the problem. Walmarts customer service sucks and I have never had so much trouble finding out what to do or have it fixed.

I will never get another gift card from Walmart in the future and am disputing the credit card charge for the gift cards along with contacting our local news channels to have them run a story about the rip off of my gift cards. Wtf Angry ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Deceptive business practices.

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Dianna B

In response to Walmart Corporate's response: You may not think the local news isn't going to care about this but your snide remark has been read by a whole bunch of folks and likely a whole bunch of Walmart shoppers who are going to say, bye bye Walmart...

@Dianna B

Unfortunately the troll is right. They wont care and no one is gonna stop using Walmart. They have us by the gonads and that wont change anytime soon.

@Dianna B

I agree with you. One person's story on here could result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue for Wal-Mart. But what do they care, they have more business than they need!